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Is that this The Nightwing Brand For Batman Vs. Superman

Men's Cotton Boba_Fett Insignia Short Sleeve Tops TeesThere’s been lots of speak about DC Comics character Nightwing recently. Nightwing is rumored to have a major half within the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie.

There have also been rumors that Nightwing could make an look on The CW’s Arrow. The city of Bludhaven has been referenced on Arrow, and Bludhaven occurs to be Nightwing’s present base of operation. Actor Steven McQueen even dropped some hints about being in training to play Nightwing and about having superhero conversations with Arrow executives.

When DC Comics filed a couple trademark registrations for Nightwing a couple weeks again, many took it as a sure signal that these trademark registrations were for merchandise associated with Nightwing’s look in Batman yoda was vegan t shirt 65 Vs. Superman. DC Comics registered the Nightwing trademarks for the toys and sporting goods category and the clothes yoda was vegan t shirt 65 for men, girls and kids class.

When DC Comics initially filed for the trademark registrations, solely a description of the Nightwing design that was being trademarked was obtainable. From the description, the design sounded so much like the present Nightwing comedian e-book logo. Now, an image of the Nightwing yoda was vegan t shirt 65 design that DC Comics is trademarking has been made out there, and it is strictly the identical as the current comedian e-book logo.

Does this mean that Warner Bros. plans to use the current Nightwing comic e-book emblem as the logo for Nightwing product for Batman Vs. Superman Or could the Nightwing trademark just be an enlargement of merchandising for the comedian ebook collection and don’t have anything to do with the Batman Vs. Superman film