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Did The Joker Kill Heath Ledger

One of the extra intriguing things bandied about in the times following Heath Ledger’s tragic loss of life final month was that the Joker — the comic e book character Ledger performs within the upcoming The Dark Knight — killed him.

By this folks didn’t mean that the Joker, a fictional character, actually killed Ledger, however they didn’t exactly mean it in a wholly figurative sense either. Relatively, folks appeared to be suggesting that Ledger was haunted by the Joker, unable to get him out of his system after playing him, and that this would possibly not less than partially explain his untimely death. Within the phrases of John wonder woman t shirt old navy korea Brackett, “So did the Joker take over his thoughts and finally end his life in a horribly ironic twist worthy of his inexperienced haired alter-ego ”

As more of the facts surrounding Ledger’s death got here to mild, the less people advised that the Joker killed him. Yet, after reading Rolling Stone’s current obituary for/appreciation of Ledger, I’m not totally satisfied it’s frivolous to ask whether the Joker might in some bizarre means be accountable for Ledger’s loss of life. And if that’s indeed the case, what does it say concerning the psychic power of fictional characters

The next lines in the Rolling Stone piece appear to reinforce, if solely subtly at instances, the concept the Joker killed Ledger:

1. “He couldn’t appear to disengage; the inexactness bothered him.”
2. “Ledger had no formal training, and there’s this to be mentioned for performing school: it teaches you to strategy a role as foreign, as a language you’ll quickly speak. Ledger didn’t seem to have that. He needed to dig for (and inhabit) the part of himself that was the character. ‘Performance comes from absolutely believing what you’re doing,’ he mentioned. ‘You convince your self, and believe within the story with all your coronary heart.’ It didn’t at all times shut off when a manufacturing did, and I think it ground him.”
3. “As The Joker in subsequent summer’s The Dark Knight, he will appear as a man severed from all connection. A ‘psychopathic, mass-murdering clown with zero empathy,’ is how he described it to the brand new York Occasions. On set, Michael Caine mentioned the efficiency generally turned so frightening he forgot his personal lines.”

I find these three quotes actually provocative.
Interestingly, the article begins by mentioning Daniel Day-Lewis’s heartfelt response to the information of Ledger’s loss of life on Oprah.

Most people in all probability thought that Day-Lewis was merely being classy and emotional, and that he deserved kudos for saying what was really on his mind, for acknowledging something Oprah probably wouldn’t have mentioned otherwise. But possibly Day-Lewis’s response had more to do with the truth that both he and Ledger approached performing in the same way, i.e.they both sought to develop into the characters they performed. Possibly Day-Lewis expression of grief had one thing to do with the kinship he felt with Ledger, not just as a fellow actor, however as someone who knows how onerous it’s to detach after inhabiting a character body and soul.

Consider, as an illustration, a recent profile of Day-Lewis within the Guardian which tries halfheartedly to debunk “the widespread picture of him, particularly that, for wonder woman t shirt old navy korea all his extraordinary expertise, he’s a tortured genius, dwelling the life of a recluse, reluctantly breaking cowl as soon as every few years to inhabit body and soul hugely demanding display screen roles,” however in the end simply reinforces this view.

The article notes that for The Last of the Mohicans (1992), “Day-Lewis underwent rigorous weight coaching during which he added 20lb of muscle to his body. Not content with that, he also learnt to reside off the land and forest, as his character would have finished, by spending six months studying find out how to camp, fish and pores and skin animals. By the top of his coaching he had built himself a canoe. He additionally carried a Kentucky rifle at all times during filming and learnt learn how to load and fireplace it while running.”

Likewise, for Within the Identify of the Father (1993), “Day-Lewis lived on prison rations to lose 30 lb and spent prolonged intervals in the jail cell on set, whereas crew hurled abuse and cold water at him.”

For The Crucible (1996), “Day-Lewis went again in time. He stayed on a Massachusetts island in the film set’s replica village — without electricity or operating water — planted fields with seventeenth- century tools, and constructed his character’s home.”

For The Boxer (1997), Day-Lewis “trained with former world champion Barry McGuigan, who said he could have been a professional: ‘He was within the gym twice a day, seven days every week for almost three years.’ Accidents included a broken nose and a herniated disc in his lower back.”

For Gangs of new York (2002), “Day-Lewis hired circus performers to show him methods to throw daggers and educated as a butcher. He received pneumonia throughout capturing, initially refusing to have therapy or trade his coat for a warmer one.”

Stories like these make me think that perhaps Ledger couldn’t go away the Joker behind in addition to Day-Lewis seems to be ready to leave the characters he performs behind. Callous as it might sound, if the Joker really did have something to do with Ledger’s dying, it really makes me even more fascinated with seeing The Dark Knight.

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