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VtK’s Caption This!

Chrissy: “That guy womens catwoman t shirt 720 on the roof It is my bodyguard. To avoid wasting cash, I employed the reanimated corpse womens catwoman t shirt 720 of Tor Johnson.”

Better of Whacko
Obama: “Hey I feel a few sprinkles. Let’t get a couple of them corpse guys with umbrellas.”

Better of chronos the marvel pig
Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy search for a phone sales space to change into their costumes.

Best of Dactyl
There is a trash can proper next to the ATM. Spot the federal government metaphor.
Better of blue
“We are able to change into our purple wigs and cutoffs at the bath home…and subsequent we now have lunch with Mr Balls at Cox Farms.”

Better of chronos the wonder pig
…..insert one other Fat man and Little Boy joke right here……
Best of metalgarth
Lenny higher drop about 80 lbs or else Carl is going to start out eyeing Smithers again.

Better of Carpe Phlogiston
After wandering aimlessly for over an hour, someone lastly put a map on the cell teleprompter.

“Ah, hell, here come’s Biden with a foam finger and corn canine. Simply ignore him.”
Better of chronos the wonder pig
“Look Mr President here comes the Marine together with your umbrella now.”

Better of Spin
Mr. Creosote warns the Choom king: “In womens catwoman t shirt 720 the event that they give you a very thin wafer after lunch don’t eat it”

Better of Kaptain Krude
“That’s the fifth time that you’ve got requested me how many ballots it takes to fill it up. I keep telling you, that is a trash can!”

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Best of Dr. Doom
“Now that you simply point out it sir,” replied Mr. Christie, “that does appear to be a beautiful spot for a neighborhood motion heart.

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