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Extra Siege Of Mandalore Deets Coming

Something I simply realised, we have now Sabine, someone who grew up on Mandalore when the Empire occupied the planet, and Rex, who was on the planet when the Clone Wars ended, collectively on the identical episode.

Extra Siege of Mandalore deets coming Eh Eh Eh
Appears seemingly. Though I would say a forty five% likelihood. It seems they’re gonna go down to the planet and forego any unnecessary exposition. I hope to be proven wrong, but sometimes I believe we tend to look too deep into what might be proven. Remember womens batgirl shirt with cape design the image released for Protector of Concord Daybreak with Kanan and Sabine and the Mando mendacity on the ground along with his blaster pointed at his head Lots of individuals assumed he was going to commit suicide. womens batgirl shirt with cape design xD

Regardless, this episode is gonna be the calm earlier than the storm, positively. I’m wondering if Ezra and Kanan are sparring to prepare for Malachor… I assume that’ll open up the episode, after which Kanan and Ezra will depart this episode with Ahsoka, because the episode description states they put together to go away. Additionally glad to see Rex back in clone action together with his two DC-15 blaster pistols! Stealth Strike showed how nice of a fighter he is even at an advanced age.

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