Will We Turn into Superhumans?

As the greatest of all the superheroes, Superman possesses extraordinary powers represented as “sooner than a rushing bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”, an outline made well-known within the Superman Television sequence of the 1950s. Superman’s capabilities embrace flight, tremendous-power, invulnerable pores and skin, tremendous-pace, x-ray imaginative and prescient, tremendous-listening to, and the power to blow with the power of gale-drive winds. Apart from that, he was pretty much invulnerable to illness and sensible as a whip. This is one tough dude.

Men's Image Cyborg injustice 2 render Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtThese definitely are abilities “far past those of mortal males” as the outdated Television sequence proclaimed, but is expertise pushing us in this direction? Is our future to create a new, significantly enhanced model of humanity? In different phrases, a new species of superhumans?

I imagine that is exactly the place we’re heading. As we continue to advance the massive four technologies – genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology – we will create a brand new version of humanity that will have as little in common with us as we’ve with Cro-Magnon man. The subsequent three to 5 decades will place humanity firmly on the path to this new actuality.

I do not imply to sound gloomy, as a result of the destination might be pretty rattling good for essentially the most half. It is the transition that considerations me; technological evolution will proceed so quickly that many will fall by the wayside. Underdeveloped nations could fall far behind, lost perpetually. Even in know-how-wealthy North America, pockets of individuals may lose their manner. Do not let it occur to you.


DNA can be thought-about this system code guiding the development of our bodies. Each of us caries DNA in our cells, and this DNA offers the directions that lead to the expansion and formation of our minds and our bodies. As we start to grasp this code, as well as the opposite mechanisms of our our bodies, we’ve an rising functionality to intervene. By manipulating DNA, by adjusting processes, we will probably be ready to prevent or cure disease, improve intelligence, energy, pace and other elements and improve the human lifespan. Are there any limits? In all probability, however we have now a long approach to go.

Synthetic Intelligence

In comparison to other animals, our bodies are weak, we do not have lethal teeth or claws, we’re not that massive, we do not reproduce shortly or in giant numbers, we won’t fly and even run very fast … effectively, you get the thought. So why are we such a profitable species? You already know the reply, after all – our magnificent brain. Intelligence wins out. At the least it has up to now.

It’s clear that increasing our intelligence improves our survival prospects. We’ve learned that the computer, mixed with the best software, can display a sure diploma of intelligence, which we are able to harness for our personal functions. In sure limited areas – reminiscent of playing chess – artificial intelligence can defeat one of the best people. Although humans are far ahead of the machines in broad primarily based intelligence, the differential is shrinking. Some experts predict synthetic intelligence will catch after which surpass us in as little as three or four a long time. I am unsure about the timeframe, however I am sure that we will enhance the not so magnificent capabilities of our brains with synthetic intelligence. Wireless connections to networked AI will present these fortunate individuals far higher intelligence than unconnected people. Over the approaching a long time, we’ll begin to rely more on synthetic intelligence than our native brainpower, even for individuals with minds genetically enhanced. The mixture of genetic enhancements and networked AI will push us up the evolutionary scale.


If artificial intelligence will steadily surpass our pure intelligence, what about our our bodies? Positive, they are going to be genetically enhanced, however it isn’t going to cease there. Robotics will play a big role, however not the form of mechanical man we’ve turn into accustomed to through the movies. No, the type of robotics I anticipate are the synthetic components built into our bodies. We are already aware of artificial hips and knees, prosthetic leg extensions and replacements, listening to aids and glasses. Why not a second mechanical coronary heart for a backup or to supply additional blood when the workload is excessive? Why not super robust however lightweight supports constructed into your arms and legs, all run by your synthetic intelligence? Get the image? Like our brains, our our bodies will progressively give approach to mechanical gadgets superior to our original body parts.


Nanotechnology is the strategy of constructing with molecules, even atoms, which can permit us to precisely design and fabricate nearly any body half. This could be a tiny object that will fit right into a human cell or something as large as a bone or organ. Sooner or later, we could also be in a position to construct tiny medical bots within the cells, which could monitor the efficiency of biological components. Or we may construct extra environment friendly blood cells, perhaps self-powered in order that a coronary heart is no longer required. In any case, nanotechnology will allow us to fabricate replacements that could be superior to the original gadgets.

Considerations and Conclusions

Some individuals would ban most, if not all, of the technological developments that we now have outlined. This could also be as a consequence of religious or ethical beliefs that we should not tamper with God’s design. Or they may be involved that these applied sciences might get into the unsuitable palms, akin to terrorists or rogue states. Even with the better of safeguards, critical problems that will endanger human well being, or even survival, might appear many years after implementation. In any case, the development of a superman might lead to conflict between the haves and have-nots in our society.

These are critical considerations, but there is no such thing as a turning again; the genie is out of the bottle. Superman is coming and he is transferring with tremendous pace. Our greatest hope is to combine authorities regulation with scientific self-monitoring. If the advanced nations can agree on a course of action, Superman would be the smartest thing that’s ever happened to us. But if things get out of control …

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