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Why Do New Hair Extensions Itch

If in case you have recently had hair extensions fitted, you could have most likely discovered this web page while on the lookout for data on whether or not or not it’s regular to your head to be itching

If that is the case don’t fear, you might have come to the appropriate place. Here you will discover info on why hair extensions can develop into itchy, what’s regular, and how you can repair it.

Why Do New Hair Extensions Itch
In case your scalp wigs real hair is feeling irritable and itchy after having a new set of hair extensions fitted, whilst it may be considerably unpleasant and uncomfortable, to a sure diploma mild itching is kind of frequent, particularly for individuals who have not worn a set of hair extensions before.

There are a selection of different causes of itchiness, which include but are usually not restricted to the next.

Scalp Sensitivity Can cause Hair Extensions To Itch
If you have a sensitive scalp, it’s possible you’ll naturally take slightly longer than someone with a less sensitive scalp to adjust to a new set of hair extensions.

Hair extensions will add weight to your scalp, as a median set of hair extensions weighs approx 100g. This is quite a lot of additional hair in your head to assist, and therefore for the first few days your scalp may go into overdrive trying to cope with the sudden change in normality.

A very common side effect of this is for your scalp to itch however, this could only be mild and last a few days whilst your scalp gets used to the change.

Most individuals find that within a matter of days their scalp has returned to its usual state, and the itchiness stops on its own with out the necessity for intervention.

An Incorrect Aftercare Routine May cause Hair Extensions To Itch
If you are experiencing an itchy scalp after the fitting of a new set of hair extensions, and this has persisted beyond the first few days of the fitting, the reason for your itchiness may not be a delicate scalp, however an issue together with your aftercare routine.

When hair extensions are first fitted, many do not truly understand the importance of correct aftercare, and therefore this is quite a common cause of symptoms akin to itchiness or scalp irritation.

The itchiness is brought on by shampoo not being rinsed away from the bonds accurately, resulting in the residue sitting and drying to the scalp.

Whilst most of us are experienced hair washers, there are variations in the way in which hair extensions should be washed to stop itchiness occurring from shampoo residue, and 9 out of 10 instances the problem is caused by wearer not rinsing their hair for long enough when showering.

Shampoo is a lot trickier to completely clear away from the scalp and bonds when wearing hair extensions in comparison to these not wearing hair extensions, therefore why this is such a common challenge.

You simply need to spend more time rinsing your hair after shampooing and conditioning, to make sure all of the residue has been fully washed away.

Itchy Hair Extensions Are Straightforward To repair – Step-by-step
In case your itchiness is attributable to either of these issues, then your problem is quite easy to solve in a few simple steps.

– Allow a couple of days for your hair to adjust to your new hair extension. In case you are new to hair extensions your scalp might merely want time to settle and the problem will resolve itself.

– Verify your aftercare routine. Are you rinsing all the product out of your hair Are you leaving too lengthy between washes Discovering the proper aftercare routine in your hair extensions can typically resolve points equivalent to itchiness.

– If after just a few days your itching has not subsided, contact your hair extension technician or salon to advise them of the difficulty, as they are able to offer you some additional advice or steerage.

– E-book an appointment to have your hair extensions assessed.
My Hair Extensions Are Actually Itchy

In case your hair extensions are inflicting you a high degree of discomfort and ache, and this has not improved following the primary few days after your fitting, your hair extensions could have been fitted too tightly.

This is a fairly common challenge, as with out the right coaching and expertise bonds might be utilized too near the scalp which can put a whole lot of strain on your hair, causing discomfort and pain.

It is important to level out right here that simply because your hair extensions are hurting, it doesn’t essentially imply they have been fitted incorrectly or unprofessionally, it could simply imply for your individual personal consolation you require certain adjustments to be made.

Arrange an appointment with your hair extension technician to debate the problems you’re experiencing and to seek out the proper answer for you.

Can you Be Allergic To Hair Extensions
Allergic reactions are uncommon amongst hair extensions wearers nevertheless, they are of course doable in some excessive circumstances.

The most probably cause of an allergic reaction can be extra to do with the fitting kind quite than the hair itself, as the majority of hair extensions are human.

If you are feeling that you’re experiencing a response to your hair extensions, and you might be sporting a glue based mostly methodology this may very well be a reaction to the keratin, (the glue-like substance used to secure the hair extensions ).

Brazilian Straight I Tip Human Hair Extensions

If you’re sporting a ring technique, for instance, micro rings or nano rings. This may very well be a reaction to the metallic inside the ring.