Why Cannot Honda Sell Indias $900 100cc Street Motorcycle In the USA?

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Why Cannot Honda Sell India’s $900 100cc Street Motorcycle In the USA?
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sendingMark 6 months in the past

I would like that Husqvarna…such a sexy Supermoto higher than the opposite choices. And sure I’d spent the cash if I hadn’t gotten a SM510R already.

Go on a testride with one

WillStarr 2 years in the past from Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Gaffo and thanks for the information. Do you will have a hyperlink to the place I could have a look at one? I can not discover a Zhenhua outlet within the US.

gaffo 2 years in the past

Amen – great article. 10 yrs in the past I regarded into shopping for a bike. I assumed somebody supplied a 125/150cc (like within the 70s/80s – I rem them here in the US as a child again then). Well surprise shock, Yamaha had a pleasant CB125, as did Honda (each sold everywhere in the world – Except Here!! one other nasty surprise – no only did the small bikes disappear – but all the remaining ones weren’t Standards, and/or they had plastic crap throughout them! regarded like a transformer dork-cell! – or some dub bloated-whale Cruiser ;-/. So I gave up for zero yrs, and waited for the Chinese to fill the void (simply just like the Japs did in the 70’s) – well I believe the Chinese language stuff is now “good enough” – they’ve had 20 yrs to reverse-copy the outdated 60’s Hondamonkybikes/CT70’s and Suzuki R90’s (Skyteam and ZhenHua each make these and have for years. I’ve accomplished my research – these bike are all over Finland/Germany/England and Austrlia (Nations that had a Monkeybike culture) – and their house owners are proud of them. So, if HONDA will not present and now play the same Sport Truimph did 50 yrs ago – fook-em, I say. Go China! I simply bought a 1969 replica of the unique Honda Monkeybike z50a /w a sidecar by Zhenhua (drop shipped to by entrance porch – totally assembled) . All I have to is the PDI (lock-tite the bolts/ silicone-seal the electrical connections/ ACF-50 the chrome/ lube the chain)………………all for 1100 bucks – no tax and free shipping from Atlanta. MCO and Bill of Sale from City of Industry CA – both bike and paperwork showed up -week after web purchase. Tagged and Titled shorty after.

mechanically simple – easy air cooled engine, 110 cc (made by Locin – respected engine builder – they make engines for BMW BTW), simple carb.

so WHEN one thing breaks – I can learn the way to fix it myself. I don’t want Hi-tech! (that means I pay others to not-quite fix it properly whereas ripping me off at a vendor shop)

Not all Chinese language stuff is respectable. the truth is it most likely 50/50 now at best. Replicas have the perfect status as a result of the Chinese have had 20 yrs of constructing them and the unique is Honda design is easy to start with (so replicas are a safer wager). A number of the Scooters – like Tank and Tao Tao are utter shiet nonetheless.

Its takes a number of months of trolling boards to do the analysis on the Chinese offerings – and get information from the hourse mouth (i.e. homeowners). and most of them are as I mentioned in Europe.

good day.

WillStarr 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Wealthy,

Are you saying that it can be bought in Mexico? If so, it is worth a visit throughout the border to get one!

Wealthy three years ago

We have been on Cozumel in Mexico last week (Feb. 2014). The cook on the lodge simply bought a 2014 Honda 125 for $1,500 U.S. It seems to be just just like the bikes of the 60’s and 70’s. I apologize upfront for the poor picture. Cameraphone earlier than dawn as we had been leaving for the airport.


I wanted that bike sooooo bad!

terry 4 years ago

Go to www.motorcycleatvforsale.com. any scoot or bike measurement 1/2 off

I am the other Wayne, with a 30 inch inseam, however I agree that it would be nice for motoring round town!

I was taking a look at that bike. 32 inch seat, 7.6 horsepower. Even my 36 inch inseam might robust it out for just a few miles, and that would be sufficient horsepower for commuting round town. Higher but, keep it as easy, add 5 horsepower, and increase the seat a couple inches for us tall guys. Honestly, even when priced slightly beneath the CBR, I might have an interest.

WillStarr 5 years in the past from Phoenix, Arizona

I lastly discovered it. Here’s a ;ink:


It’s a 4 stroke.

Wayne 5 years in the past

Nicely, maybe Yamaha is arising with one thing. Gizmag dot com has a write up on the Yamaha Y125 concept bike. It appears weird, however in the event that they made it look a bit more “motorcycle-like”, I might be interested.

Oh yeah, it still must be inexpensive. Fingers crossed.

osreinstall 5 years ago

Labored on motorcycles for years. Did major engine work and modified them for the track, mostly 2 strokes. Both on particularly if it had some off-highway capabilities.

My greatest qualm with the idea of commuting with such a vehicle is security. There may be so much visitors. Cars drive so close even on the freeway. Individuals typically will not be anticipating to see bikes (when/if) they give the impression of being over their shoulder to change lanes.

That said, it’s extra strategic for us broke college students to drive around junk vehicles.

I believe that motorcycles are much more sexy than scooters, even with less cc’s.

I don’t know how everything works economically in the U.S, because I do not think every bit of knowledge is public information (if you know what I imply).

I was priveledged to ride a Honda CT90, not too long ago restored by a family member. Men’s Star War Luke Skywalker Cotton Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Since then I’ve learn concerning the very attention-grabbing Australian ‘postie bike’, the CT110.

For some perspective: plenty of my era is that of clubs, unhealthy music, powerful machines, large houses, UFC, smartphones, and lots of social ‘incompetencies’.

anirbanniyogi 5 years ago

lovely and intresting article!

i am from india and i couldn’t agree with you more. i am a Rwidth:300px;top:250px” information-advert-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ information-web page-url=”//hallicino.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Cant-Honda-Promote-Indias-900-100cc-Road-Motorcycle-In-The-USA” data-advert-slot=”1186173963″>