Whos The Man Within the Iron Mask In Flash?

Men's GHOST RIDER Preview Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtFirst Up, I l not take into account the bodily attributes of the man within the iron mask, as it highly unlikely that the sure actor was in it from his first scene itself. The writers May have chosen a double with comparable bodily options as the true character, but it much more safe to not consider this. Now, to the topic at hand:

I’d just wish to second the opinion of many as I say that the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick, at least named so, however the doppelganger of Henry Allen from Earth-1. Now, a major counter-argument to this has been basically that イarry talks to his Mother in Earth-2 and from the conversation we will easily deduce that his father is with him. After all he is, they e going on a visit collectively(To Atlantic Metropolis if I remember).

Once more, a really honest point. However check out this:

OH Sure. It is a nonetheless from elcome to Earth-2 To those who didn see it, there are TWO contacts named ad on Barry phone. Now I do know the other dad could also be Joe, seeing as it Iris dwelling as nicely, but this is too much of a coincidence to Earth-1 Henry Allen mentioning that arrick is his mother maiden name. Moreover, we know Hunter/Zoom father wore a helmet very much like that wore by Hunter as Jay Garrick. As per the story, Hunter father was within the military, so we will deduce that the helmet may be a standard-challenge helmet for any Military Officer in Earth-2 USA. My idea begins right here:

  1. Jay Garrick from Earth-2, doppelganger of Henry Allen from Earth-1, fought within the army as well .and was most likely associates with Hunter Justice_League father. He used to even go to Hunter in the Orphanage when the particle accelerator exploded, Hunter acquired his powers, and Jay did too. He might have not been a speedster, however he was a meta for certain. Hunter, whereas recruiting different meta people for his military, came upon that Jay is one too. He knew that Jay wouldn come over to his facet and he couldn kill him both, Jay being the only person Hunter had a very positive relationship with. He saved him in his lair instead, however I undecided he put on the iron mask on him at the moment.
  2. Simply after the occasions of season 1 finale, Zoom found out about another earth and to cure his degenerative cells, hatched a plan to use Barry, as we all know. It should have taken him few days to determine the connection between Jay and Barry, so he put the iron mask on Jay to stop Barry from seeing his face.
  3. Zoom, when beneath the attire of Jay Garrick, used Jay outdated helmet as well. However the helmet has a deeper tie to the true Jay Garrick, Jay having confronted too much sporting it. So when Cisco vibes the Helmet, he is actually vibing the MAN Within the IRON MASK, NOT ZOOM.
  4. As to his connection with Barry, Jay had Earth-2 Barry with Nora, and then they separated almost instantly, and some other man (Having the title アllen bought together with Nora. Earth-2 Barry chooses to maintain his step-dad identify, but he truly イarry Garrick This can be the rationale why Zoom keeps telling Barry that they e the same individual.