What Words Are Used Instead Of Zombie On The Strolling Dead?

HubPages br>Entertainment and Media br>Television they want to eat. So feeders and eaters are very appropriate. As for chompers, have you seen how those walkers like to chomp down on a person.

I like reapers due to the association with he Grim Reaper. These soulless creatures harvest humans to eat their flesh.

Grabbers or Gropers
The walkers are always trying to grab individuals, so grabbers may work. She-Hulk Gropers perhaps has too much of a sexual connotation

Gobsucker or Gobsmacker
Gob is a slang time period for mouth in the United Kingdom. The walkers use their mouths to suck up human flesh.

Nonetheless, gobsucker is a sort of onerous candy in England and in the Willy Wonker Sweet Manufacturing facility. It is also the identify of a dragon within the film The right way to Tame Your Dragon. I guess gobsucker is already taken. Nonetheless, I like the sound of it.

Perhaps, we might use gobsmacker 敋hen someone is gobsmacked they’re astounded and shocked; they get a nasty shock. It the sort of shocked you feel when a walker appears out of nowhere and tries to eat you. Also, you would possibly hear some lip smacking because the walkers enjoy their meal.

Krakens or Krampuses
These are the words that describe two monsters of lore 摢racken is a Norse legendary octopus-like monster of the sea and Krampus is a demon, the anti-Santa.

I imagine if somebody is attacked by a walker, it may really feel just like the creature has as many arms as an octopus. And Krampus is a really nasty fellow.

Different Words
Listed here are few extra obvious, however maybe too banal, selections.

Killers, Goons

Devils, Demons, Dybuks (a Yiddish phrase for a demon who inhabits the body of a residing individual with a view to torture the person)



What must you call a zombie? Anything you need.

Simply don name him for dinner.

Where Can you See he Walking Dead
If you have missed any episodes of the Strolling Dead, you possibly can catch up by buying the DVDs for previous seasons. When you’ve got fundamental cable, some of the more moderen episodes may be viewed on The Strolling Dead website or on the n Demand channel of your cable field.

Should you don have cable you possibly can subscribe to NetFlix to see a lot of the past seasons. A subscription to Sling Tv will give you the AMC channel so you’ll be able to watch current episodes on the day that they first air. You can also examine amazon, I-Tunes, X-Box, Google Play, and Playstation Vue which may have episodes to rent or to purchase for downloading.

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Please remark about TWD or any of my observations about the present. Do you’ve a word for zombies that I missed?
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sendingAuthorCatherine Giordano eleven months ago from Orlando Florida

Larry Rankin: I too all the time wondered why they by no means say zombie. The additional’s who play the “walkers” go to zombie faculty to learn how to act like zombies.

Larry Rankin eleven months in the past from Oklahoma

I would observed how little the term zombie is used on the Strolling Lifeless.

Fascinating read.

AuthorCatherine Giordano 11 months ago from Orlando Florida

LairMistress: Thanks in your remark. Golem is a creature assembled and then given life. It did not appear to fit. The Undead is a term that has been used to dying. It is used for vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, and ghouls of all types together with zombies.These two did not make the cut with Kirkman or with me.

Karen I Olsen 11 months in the past from Seattle, WA USA

Golem? Undead? Something like that…