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For My Final Elizabethan Design

For my final Elizabethan design, I created sketches from totally different angles of the head to painting who i would like my remaining design to look. The hair can be sectioned into a centre partin with a small part of hair on the front of the hair from about the hairline to the temples which can be used to create two wiggle plaits on every facet of the top.

The subsequent section of hair can be slightly larger than the part used to create the wiggle plaits this section will be crimped and used to cover the padding beneath the hair.

Two plaits either facet of the head might be created within the hair it will act an anchor and safe the rats in place. The plaits will probably be secured to the hair utilizing several hair pins. As soon as the plaits are secured secured the rats to the plaited section of hair utilizing several hair pins. By securing rats on either facet of the pinnacle it will create a coronary heart shape at the entrance of the head and also give the hair extra quantity, nonetheless the principle focus with applying the padding is to take into consideration whether or not the hairstyle appears symmetrical.

As soon as the padding is secured into the hair secure the wiggle plaits on both side of the hair to the padding using a number of hair pins.

The remaining section at the again of the hair can be plaited and styled as a bun safe the bun might be secured with a number of hair pins with pearls secured on the ends of the pins to be able to make my design look Elizabethan. Also with the remaining piece of hair on the back of the top create a number of zig zag curls using a geisha pin weaving the section of hair into a figure of eight across the pin making use of heat and eradicating the pin .

As soon as i had sketched my remaining hair design i then create the design on the dolls head as a way to get a clearer idea on what my hairstyle would appear like and what needed to be wave changed . I additionally used the photographs for my tutorial for the timed evaluation so as to present my partner an idea on how i wanrted my closing design to look. Nevertheless when practicing my last design within the lesson i decided i was too eager on the idea of zig zag curling the remaining sections of hair and therefore determined to curl them utilizing the curlers.

When working towards within the earlier lesson earlier than the timed evaluation my partner struggled securing the rats to the hair therefore i created surdier padding to make it easier for my accomplice.

For my timed evaluation I made sure I had all equiptment for my closing design resembling hair pins and pearls for my design. I also introduced my last design sketches and images which i had taken from when i created my closing design on the dolls head which i integrated into the step by step tutorial i had written for my accomplice.

The hour earlier than the timed evaluation this gave me and my companion likelihood to practice securing the padding to the hair to ensure that my companion to turn out to be more assured and likewise my accomplice was capable of prep the hair which meant crimping the part of hair which might be used to cowl the padding.

Peer evaluation
Fashion Ombre Wigs Black to Brown Ombre Long Natural Wavy Hair WigsThroughout and throughout the evaluation I felt the nerves bought the better of my accomplice, this may have been as a consequence of lack of apply, our previous hair lesson and the hour before the timed assessment was the only alternative my companion had to practice my design on my hair.
My associate positioned a towel round my neck because of not having her cape, this was a very good substitute nonetheless the towel stored falling down and my accomplice hadn’t taken much notice.
My associate struggled in the course of the lesson with securing the rats within the hair which were made from tissue and tights, in consequence so as to make my design easier for my partner I created sturdier padding, nonetheless through the timed evaluation my companion struggled and spent a significant amount with securing the padding into hair.
My partners lack of timing I felt additionally affected her performance, this triggered her to panic and not comply with the tutorial I had provided her with, meaning that certain elements of my design were insufficient for instance my tutorial highlighted two wiggle plaits situated over the padding on both aspect of the pinnacle my companion solely created one wiggle plait on both side of the head.
The issues I felt my companion had carried out successfully was with the ability to handle the strategies included in my design which included crimping curling and plaiting.
Overall I felt the padding in my design may have been extra weave hair extensions sydney stable and situated higher in the hair. I also felt my partner might have referred to my tutorial with the intention to have carried out my design course of extra successfully.