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The following morning, Blaze rises and shines to find that his dad growth is cured, nevertheless his dad is killed that very same day in a cruiser stunt through which he falls into the ring of flame he is hopping by. Blast blames Mephistopheles for creating his dad demise, but Mephistopheles considers their agreement to be glad.

Round after 20 years, Blaze has turned right into a celebrated trick rider. Burst meets his earlier youth sweetheart Roxanne Simpson, now a news journalist, who he deserted after his dad demise. He persuades her he wishes to current appropriate reparations and she consents to a supper date. Within the imply time, Blackheart, the evil youngster of Mephistopheles, involves Earth, alongside three fallen Bane blessed messengers. They are tasked to find the misplaced contract of San Venganza. Accordingly, Mephistopheles makes Blaze the new Ghost Rider, and provides him his spirit back in exchange for overcoming Blackheart. Blast is set straight to the station on his irst ride the place he adjustments into the Ghost Rider and a combat with the fallen blessed messengers follows. The next day, he meets a man known as the Caretaker, who seems to thoroughly understand the historic backdrop of the Ghost Rider. He lets him know all the pieces that happened wasn a fantasy and that it’s going to occur once more, notably when he is near an underhandedness vicinity.

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