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Fantastic Four Vol 1 601

Future Foundation/Unbelievable 4 (Reformed) – Mr. Implausible
Invisible Woman
Human Torch

Gentle Brigade – Midnight Blade (Kal Blackbane)
Stonethrower (Els Udonta)
All-Knowing (Dara Ko Eke)
Sun (Voorr)
Metallic Titan (Prax Ord)
Creeping Demise (Hooud)

– King Black Bolt
Queen Medusa

Supreme Intelligence
Kree Sentries

– Captain America
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel

Inhuman Centaurians
Inhuman Badoon
Inhuman Kymellians
Wraith Inhumans

– Earth Orbit – Earth – New York Metropolis – Baxter Building
– Soho
Bleeding Edge Armor
Cosmic Control Rod
Midnight Blade
Captain America’s Shield
Universal Weapon

– Kree armada – Fist of Hala
– Pestilence (Arthrosian’s flagship)

Synopsis for “Endlessly: Half 2″Edit
The island of Manhattan is under attack by the Kree empire, who have simply managed to disable the large invisible force discipline placed across the island by the Invisible Girl and Iron Man. While in SoHo, Alicia Masters cries out because the Thing is overpowered by a bunch of Kree Sentries. Within the Baxter Building, Spider-Man is just too late to stop the opening of the Destructive Zone portal, but miraculously, the Human Torch is alive and effectively and in command of the Annihilation Wave after taking the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus. Johnny interrupts the completely happy reunion with Spider-Man as he has something necessary to do. Johnny then fires off a Fantasti-Flare that’s seen by everyone throughout town.

Seeing this provides the Thing the power to battle back towards the Kree Sentries, shattering them to items. After making sure that Alicia is protected, the Factor goes back into battle. While sooner or later Metropolis, the Kree are making ready to maneuver walking dead t shirts canada online the Supreme Intelligence from the planet when suddenly they witness as the ship of the Universal Inhumans arrives over them and merges with Attilan. The Supreme Intelligence orders Ronan to accompany him, but the Accusor is unwilling to eradicate the Inhumans due to the love he feels for his wife Crystal. The Intelligence regrets to listen to it and tells Ronan to get pleasure from his last few hours earlier than the end.

Back in New York City, the heroes have all regrouped on the Baxter Building where the Fantastic Four have a happy reunion. Johnny his survival and when they remark that he appears older, Reed reminds them that time passes slower in the Detrimental Zone and Johnny had been gone for roughly two years. Johnny explains that he now rules the Negative Zone after taking the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus. When Annihilus tries to take it back, the Factor kicks him down, and Johnny warns him that they’ve unfinished enterprise to sort out later. With the Kree forces regrouping, the light Brigade inform the others that they will handle the invaders. When they ask how, Johnny has the Unfavorable Zone expanders activated and sends the Annihilation Wave into house to deal with the Kree.

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man join the Annihilation Wave in Johnny’s stip where they cross paths with the Kree armada. As they engage their foes in battle, they are joined by the Inhumans who ask to join the battle. With the Fantastic Four’s blessings, the Inhumans start to lay waste to the Kree. Nevertheless, the Fantastic Four get word from the Earth that the battle in orbit is coming at a cost: The debris from battle is hitting the planet inflicting untold damage walking dead t shirts canada online and threatening to wipe out all life on Earth.

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