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Carnage The Executioner

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MN Imply Digital Tremendous Single (2016)

Digital Tremendous Single file record:

01. Un-Reduce
02. PG-13
03. Vocal-less
04. Beat-much less
05. Lyrical Visible video (click to obtain separately)
*Digital Tremendous Single Image

Just over 10 years in the past, Carnage The Executioner began his own independent label – Hecatomb Enterprises, now known as Hecatomb Industries. He turned a solo artist with the discharge of The Carnology Vol. Zero.5 EP. That assortment of exclusives, onerous-to-discover recordings & collabos turned a sought-after, nice-promoting item.

In 2014, The Executioner dropped Carnology Quantity II: Sinner Takes All to select up where that sequence left off. This particular digi-combine reached the download restrict on Soundcloud shortly after its release. The Executioner has determined to make it obtainable for unlimited obtain here! “Slashed & mashed” by the Almighty Emperor DJ X-Caliber, you’re sure to listen to manipulated variations of your favorite Carnage The Executioner tunes & many you likely never Batman knew existed. Download & get pleasure from this practically 40 minute-lengthy deal with!

Carnage The Executioner’s Carnology Vol. II: Sinner Takes All Digi-Mix.
Slashed & Mashed by The Almighty Emperor DJ X-Caliber

01. (00:00) God Of Most Carnage (Slash & Mash)
02. (01:15) Proceed With The Bumrush / Will Kill For Meals (Slash & Mash)

03. (01:36) Vexed Rebel Retribution (Slash & Mash)
04. (01:59) NEMNOCHizBroadcastin’ (WAYBACKTHEN, 1996)
NEMNOCH – T-Swift & DJ X-Caliber

05. (03:14) State Of Emergency (Sense Of Sound, 2007)
06. (04:Fifty four) It Ain’t The Prettiest (Welcome To MN Tour, 2013)
w/ Environment, Brother Ali & Haphduzn

07. (08:55) The Undertow (Scotch & Vinyl vans nintendo t shirt zero Dust, 2013)
w/ Shadow Folks, Chino XL & Ce-Sektion
08. (11:59) Attack Of The Show Stealer (Respect The Name, 2012)

09. (12:Fifty nine) Definitely worth the Wait (Worth the Wait, 2011)
10. (Thirteen:59) Ingrain The Title (Slash & Mash)

eleven. (15:10) Star Destroyer (Slash & Mash: Heaven’s Gate vans nintendo t shirt zero 11-9-11 / E&A orig.)
12. (17:39) #sosickwiddit (Honorable Mention, 2013)
w/ Big Jess & Remo Williamz

13. (21:40) Begin Lickin’ It! (Slash & Mash)
14. (22:Sixteen) The category-Sicks (Definitely worth the Wait, 2011)
w/ Mally, Megatron, Random Thoughts, Capaciti, Desdamona, Mac S.P.I.L.L.Z.J. Terrible, 8Bza, Beasly, Illusion, Concentr8 & Mickey Finn

15. (28:40) The Identify Chose Me (Respect The Name, 2012)
sixteen. (31:28) Soul Snatcher (Demoniac Dimension) (1 12 months Later: RTN Anniversary Download, 2013)

17. (35:14) F.Y.I. (NEVERHEARD, 2008)
NEMNOCH – Carnage The Executioner & DJ X-Caliber
18. (38:26) Carnage! Finish Of discussion! (Slash & Mash)
Working TIME: 39:30

1 Yr Later: Respect The Title Anniversary Obtain (2013)
In 2012, Carnage The Executioner released his greatest work thus far with an album known as “Respect The Name”. As a technique of celebration, he has concocted a bunch of *REDOS for you to chew on from that album (and a few extras!). 1 Year Later: Respect The Name Anniversary Obtain is now out there Without cost! Enjoy!

Visit the store and cop the Respect The Identify album if you happen to haven’t. Or purchase it on iTunes.
*REDOS = Songs RE-RECORDED, not remixed: Tracks have been totally re-worked, rearranged, slightly re-written & made to stand out from the original recordings.

1. Soul Snatcher / Demoniac Dimension
Prod. Wesley Opus.

2. MTW Story / CycleAnalysis
Prod. Repete23.
Three. Completely different / Dissimilar Diaries
Feat. Wesley Opus. Prod. Wesley Opus.

4. Addict / Organ Donor
Prod. Massive Jess.
5. Attack Of The Present Stealer / SmoothCriminal
Prod. Booka’ B.

6. Save “My People” / Holy Hell
Prod. Big Jess.
7. Respect The Title / Cypher Of Champions
Feat. Unknown Prophets, Meta, Wize Guyz & DJ X-Caliber. Prod. Medium Zach.

Eight. World’s Biggest Eyedea
Courtesy of PCP: Dwell at Soundset 2011.
9. Star Destroyer / Heaven’s Gate 11911
Prod. Carnage.

10. Tongue Slingers / WordFeud
Feat. Muad’dib. Prod. Repete23.
All tracks co-produced and blended by:
Carnage (Hecatomb Industries)
& Wesley Opus (Hopeful Opus Productions).
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Wesley Opus.
Conceived and recorded between September 1 & September 10, 2013.

Free Obtain – Double Dysfunction 2 EP Launch (2013)
Double Dysfunction is a 2-disc free EP obtain courtesy of Carnage & Desdamona. Launched on July 30, 2013, it’s a should-have for followers of Carnage Desdamona alike. Get it whereas you’ll be able to. Take pleasure in!

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1. The Unhuman(e) Beat Box

2. Mister
Feat. Concentr8, MaLLy & Beasly. Prod. Repete23.
3. Spit Grasp Relly Rell
Prod. Naj.

Four. Superion
Prod. Repete23.
5. Mr. Pretender (Come Clear Model)
Feat. Desdamona. Prod. Large Jess.

6. Hopesick
Feat. Huge Jess. Prod. Big Jess.
7. I Been (REMIX)
Prod. Large Jess.

Eight. Get Free
Prod. Large Jess.
9. Mr. Pretender (The real Version)
Prod. Big Jess.

10. Girlfriend