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Walking Speaking Combustible Nitrogenic Animated Machines Filled with Grace And Glory

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Burying the Dross of Our Conditioned Programmed Minds
If we’re one of many approximate 6.6 billion individuals who make up the residing humanity on this planet in the present day, what could be the total of all human inhabitants who has ever occupied the earth since humankind was in a position to be tabulated and recorded Little doubt, more inhabitants who weren’t counted statisically make up this phenomenon. The figure remains remotely inestimable. Because we’re respiration, {and, despite the fact} we’re consciously conscious that others are respiration, too; and, that others have breathed before us in a fashion identical to us.

In other phrases, civilization is as massive and as small as we’re in the place the place we at the moment stand. What issues to at least one particular person matters to all within the sense that the air one individual breathes, through the lungs, is the very same air that constitutes our residing vibrating chemical/hormonal/electrical essence, and continues to be the same air, for all (living and dead) who inhabit/inhabited the planet. Having said that, there’s just one place to go: why such indomitable division

If we do, in truth, breathe the identical blend of nitrogenous air {which incidentally is extraordinarily poisonous if we breathed it instantly with out it having been delivered and converted by/though plants and animal proteins, together with bacteria), then basically we are all provided with the very same method of life-sustaining necessities to actively keep alive. That might imply, virtually speaking, we’re all of the identical development with fundamental life-supporting bodily needs and functions. I am merely discussing the necessity for and situation of nitrogen filled air, thoughts you.

The fascinating idea of us consuming a superbly deadly gas is actually, outright miraculously mind-blowing. The inescapable fact of how we as human beings can and do breathe in such a noxious fuel mixture so as to remain alive seems just a little paradoxical. It looks like a contradiction of phrases in probably the most exaggerated sense.

Although I’m no practicing molecular scientist, I find it quite wonderful and amusing that what is in direct opposition to ‘what would logically appear’ to be our physique’s most direct functioning skill to digest the unfiltered, unprocessed ‘free nitrogen” must get “fixed” before we humans can use it. In different words, we breathe in precisely what would kill us so as to stay alive.

Now, we all understand, in layman’s terms that the human body is a combustible burning machine. So, in that respect, the nitrogen is undeniably necessary to ‘keep the furnace’ going. IF that be the case, perhaps, just maybe the obvious division (apparent separation/conflict/hostility) is critical for all times. Not a lot, in the extreme, as we’re witnessing it immediately, but in the holographic common (galactic) scheme of things. In the current state of affairs, it seems as if consciousness is being raised to the purpose of understanding and appreciating rather a lot more than we ever have earlier than.

If the most recent scientific findings be accurate, “The typically accepted age for the Earth and the rest of the solar system is about four.55 billion years (plus or minus about 1%)”, http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-age-of-earth.htmlthen nitrogen has been round a protracted, long time doing a ‘whale of a job.’

Quite probably, division is a mandatory a part of the galactic structure of universes as is in the internal means of cell division throughout the human organism. In different phrases, what we, as human beings, perceive as matter (material) is inseparably related to and sustained by electrical prices (power) {fused, diffused, distributed and launched by nitrogenic combustible gas mixture}. Kinda funky when you give it some thought.

In a nutshell, what we perceive as happening is not likely going on but one thing way more complex and unimaginable when not considered from our limiting suppressed coloured natures. We now have assumed a lot without investigating extra. However with the advance of so much out there information [As Bob Dylan acknowledged], “things are a altering”]

Take for instance the utter paradoxical process involved in reading:
“Our own biological sense apparatus is designed to be sensitive to the interplay between the fabric and energetic. For example, as you read this web page, which is a cloth body, light is reflecting off of the page into your eyes. Your eyes don’t, themselves, perceive mild, but perceive a page with phrases written on it. The light transmits a signal from the page, to receptors in your eyes, which then convert the sign into a distinct form which might then be transported to your mind. There, your thoughts has the opportunity to interpret the signal—which itself probably bears little optical resemblance to what you think this web page appears like! However, the energetic light sign, which can not itself be seen, registers the existence of the fabric object before you, to the fabric object of your biological senses.” http://www.larouchepub.com/lym/2010/3716new_periodic_table.html

Superb! Really unconditionally wonderful, it seems that all the pieces is contrarily opposite from what now we have perceived it Men’s thing of fantastic four Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt to be. Something so simple as what was thought of mere reading is far more intricately complex and concerned than we ever imagined. Yet, for awhile, we’ll proceed to learn as if we do not know these things.

Nothing will change until it dawns on us that one thing incalculably wonderful is happening and has been all along. Whether we wish it to or not, the nitrogenous saturated world is coughing up its well guarded secrets and techniques.

While we have been literally burning up so as to remain alive, we have been dying to/for change in consciousness. What appears to be gone is probably not gone in any respect; merely changed form {separated from itself (death) so as to make a brand new self (start)

With extra scientific researched probing of accessible info, and extra celestial in search of enlightenment by inside self-reality, connecting with others on a worldwide sphered freeway of inventive ideas, the likelihood of relative applicable notion unfolds. And, with extra perceptive understanding, coupled with personal experience and prayerful meditation, wisdom ensues. If this be the case, we might just discover that the obvious division has served some kind of benevolent half within the cosmic dance of immortal life. [With all its immeasurable contradictions and numerous diffusion]

Possibly, simply perhaps, we’ll get to the purpose when fear is extracted and eradicated from the planet. The, energy, control and ‘seemingly destructive dominant division’ can be used as wanted combustibility, to burn itself out, like dross, and in its place reside an immaculate love and “peace that passeth all understanding.”

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Proud Native Born, Bred, and Resident of North Carolina, married 40 spectacular years, 6 kids, 11 grandchildren. I am keen about love, residing, laughter, liberty, studying, listening, loosening up, lounging, lunch, liveliness, literacy, lip stick, letting my hair down, leaping, leaning, libido, lifting, linking, wanting, lodging, lemons and lyrics. My private and professional background is huge and diverse. I have a BS in Communication with a MA in Art Training. I’m a Cosmic Therapist, artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, perfumer, astrology, creator, trainer, speaker, poet and self-taught chef. I’m additionally a radio/television talk show creator, host and director. In addition when i\’m not busy, I maintain a presence at M.O.D.E Worldwide Faculty of Esoteric Arts and Sciences of which I based a few years ago,

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