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Discount 100% Cotton Autumn superman returns cast Children's T-shirtIf you’ve got been paying attention to the Comics Controversy Meter over the previous few weeks (a scientific system two face dress shirt amazon usa that measures outrage two face dress shirt amazon usa in milihudsons), you might recall that Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke has been the topic of a whole lot of debate recently. Men’s Batman vs Superman Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt People have raised questions about authorial intent, ambiguity, interpretation, continuity and a whole lot of different stuff, however I think the one thing we will agree on is that two face dress shirt amazon usa the story lends itself pretty properly to the world of hip-hop.

Okay, I will admit it: We did not actually know that before right this moment. Thankfully, CA favorite Mega Ran is here to indicate us with “One Bad Day,” the place he raps the Joker’s origin story over a beat sampling the NES Batman sport. Check it out beneath!