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Grey’s Anatomy ‘Have you learnt

Second, and actually the smartest thing, is that I like how hardcore Cristina is. They really don’t back down on the truth that she’s a girl, a wise, funny, engaging lady, mind you, who simply does not want children. It is not that kids and marriage make lives miserable, it’s that individuals who don’t need kids or marriage will be miserable in the event that they makes compromises. Everybody must take heed to extra Dan Savage and suppose about the admission worth.

I also love that they keep her just narcissistic sufficient to consider that without her, Owen will simply be a drunk lonely man botching surgeries and living in a trailer. I imply, possibly Batman he would. However give the dude some credit! I really feel like he’d study that it’s important to keep on with your values,too, and end up in Germany with Teddy anyway or one thing.

Random Thoughts
1) Bailey will get her own discuss present sooner or later. Of course.

2) Each dog shall henceforth be named Miss Rodriguez.
Three) I like how they make all the women look older with just the correct quantity of thundercats t shirt vintage blush and an updo. I completely buy it.

Four) The iPhone of the future is clear and I want one.
Proper earlier than it all begins, Karev says to Mer, talking about his relationship: “So we simply keep doing what we’re doing for twenty years and that is it “

I guess it depends if that sounds like enjoyable or not. Unfortunately, we all know Cristina goes to head out quickly. Maybe Burke, her past love, still does not need babies and desires to win a Haper Avery award, too.

Did you spot every other inside thundercats t shirt vintage jokes in the flash ahead What did you think of use two eventualities Let me know within the comments or @karenfratti.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.