The ultimate Listing Of Superhero Powers! What Superhero Power Would You Need?

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by Sam Little15

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by rabbit754

That can be attention-grabbing

LaRaine 3 years ago

personally I’d like surprise woman’s lasso of fact for a day.

Energy Absorption takes third place. Tremendous Human Strength knocked off the checklist!

i forgot accelerated healing and senses

poop 4 years ago

with chi control i’ve vibration manipulation. this grants temperature control (chilly or heat), sonic power control, phasing (and teleportation to an extent), flight, move objects, and management of bioelectricity. possibly even telepathy with others skilled in chi, and sure types of mind/memory management. growth

Telekinesis – the flexibility to move and bend objects with the mind is now in second place. Time bending still reigns as the final word superpower to have!

Heya Domenic Dicce, nice choice and energy to have. I really like Wolverine! Thanks for the remark!

Domenick Dicce 5 years in the past

I’d go together with Regeneration Healing like Wolverine. I always although it would be cool to do factor bodily that the physique was simply not meant to handle and not have to fret about everlasting injury.

Time bending continues to be number one!

Flight and invisibility have been knocked off the list. Teleportation has moved up on the checklist and Super Human Energy made the list…interesting results up to now…

Vote on the super energy you’d wish to most have and let’s see which is the final word superhero energy!

Thanks GreatToysMall, I enjoyed your Transformer hub as nicely. Probably a cool hub could be to have a poll of who’s the coolest Transformer from the G1 collection and then so on.

Thanks for also reminding me that spherical three is almost here, and it seems to be like Superhuman power shall be making the record. It additionally seems like Telepathy could also be getting bumped off of the last word Tremendous Power to have.

GreatToysMall 5 years ago from NEOH

Great hub! I am totally into this sort of thing, however I assume that kind of goes with out saying. Sometimes, I get so focused on what I want to write down, I overlook what else could be cool to write. Again, nice job!

Time bending has made it to the checklist of one of the ultimate superpowers that most people would want! Invisibility is about to be taken off the list.

Spherical Two of “The ultimate Listing of Superhero Powers! What Superhero Power Would You Need?” begins!

Yep, teleporting like the guy in Jumper and that i also needs to say like Nightcrawler from the X-Men…thanks for the remark and voting for the superpower you’d most want to have Steve.

I picked teleportation, undecided why. I assume I’ll be ready to tell where I might be arriving at contemplating the pace of teleportation. The movie Jumper, anyone do not forget that one? had a child with these powers too.

When I was a child flying and invisibility were the powers I dreamt off having. 🙂

Lol Pope, you’re the man!

Pope JTE 5 years in the past

I am fast, subsequently, I want to be faster.

Why hey there once more zoey24. Thanks for the comment and for the vote up, and thanks for taking part in the game. Precognition is actually a extremely cool energy, and pretty helpful as nicely. Superhuman energy can also be a great decide, and effectively, you probably did pick the Hulk as certainly one of your favorite Marvel superheroes in my other hub so that makes sense.

Thanks for the type words, and I am glad you want my super hero hubs…just trying to make it a bit extra enjoyable for the hubpages community.

zoey24 5 years in the past from South England

I used to be going to say precognition, however that wouldn’t be as much use if i didn’t have the energy to stop what was because of happen. So i’m going to say Super Human Energy. I like your tremendous hero hubs, voted up 🙂

VGOthemeekgeek, thanks for voting and playing, and eventually, a different super energy…nice alternative! Let’s see if we are able to get extra answers to find out which super energy is the actually the preferred.

VGOTheMeekGeek 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I always admired Superman‘s skill to stop meteors and over-energy his enemies — however he all the time used his Super-Strength to protect the innocent and battle for peace and justice.

Heya, children toy field, thanks for the comment. I voted for the same energy. Hopefully we can get another answers right here.

children-toy-field 5 years ago

Being able to fly could possibly be would super human energy but when I had to pick one it must be the power to control and travel by means of time.