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Can Black Adam Beat A Bloodlusted Superman( Going All Out)

So, can Black Adam beat an all out superman This being a Superman that isn’t holding again”
@amendment50 mentioned:

Completely not.
@spidey_jackson: he is not weak he’s simply not invulnerable towards it.

If we are speaking about Pre-52 Superman , there is no such thing as the joker costume shirt 2017 a manner of Teth beating him.Clark would beat even amped and OP versions of Pre-fifty two Teth ,he’s just not in Clark’s league in velocity

In order that implies that magic ought to have the identical damage on the joker costume shirt 2017 him as anyone else proper

Yes. Listed below are examples of how “especially” weak to magic Superman is:
This is Superman being “simply” affected by the magic of Skyhook’s transmutation —

Oh, wait. Superman resisted it. Fairly impressive, since Skyhook was empowered by Blaze, a MAGICAL Demise Goddess highly effective enough to challenge Neron for control of the Nether Realms and win (for that matter, regardless of Blaze the joker costume shirt 2017 having full MAGICAL control of her realm, Superman, in her VERY LAIR resisted her encasing him in a MAGICAL rock prison which he busted out of placing him in MAGICAL lava lakes which he rose out of material/uploads/2010/07/1990-08-Motion-Comics-Page-B.jpg and withstanding a number of MAGICAL blasts from her, Superman rescued Jimmy Olson-who’s soul she wanted to take- from her, and escaped).

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In truth, Kal did greater than “escape”—eventually, Supes used his heat imaginative and prescient to create an earthquake that led to a sequence reaction which incinerated Blazes’ MAGICAL dimension. The trauma was so epic that the likes of Dr. Destiny, Raven (who said she thought solely her father Trigon might create such a mystical disturbance) and The Black Racer sensed it—with Racer noting it’s the primary time ever that Blaze has been defeated