The Flash Season 2 Finale: Actor Talks Man In the Iron Mask Reveal (Spoiler Alert!)

I would not [have] wished to have come on and played Jay Garrick from the get-go, because to come back on and play a costumed superhero again, 25 years later, without the intervening character… Henry Allen was all about the truth of the moment, was a character part, was Barry’s link to vulnerability and truth and honesty and it was all concerning the work that we did actor to actor. Since I’ve grounded myself in that, I believe maybe now I can go have some fun as soon as once more in a costume, though it blows my thoughts. I can hardly say it. Whoever expected to be running round in a superhero suit a quarter of a century later? It is sort of unbelievable,” he stated.

So what was the costume course of like for John this time round?

“Properly, I will inform you that so many enhancements have been made in 25 years that I’m very grateful for. One is there’s an beneath swimsuit and an outer shell, which means the underneath swimsuit will be washed. That wasn’t the case 25 years ago. They’d simply hang the fits in my trailer and spray them with Lysol. So, there are particular enhancements,” John mentioned.

John praised “The Flash” costume designer Maya Mani for crafting the Jay Garrick/The Flash suit.

“Maya and that group, you actually have handy it to them,” John stated of their work. “And let’s simply say I got here out of these fittings wanting a hell of a lot higher than I looked going into these fittings by means of their wizardry. And when i walked on the set in the Jay Garrick uniform, the crew and the solid all burst into applause — a whole lot of that applause was from Maya. It was just very thrilling, and the entire cast — and this can be a testament to who this solid is and what makes them special — they only could not have been more affirming, as a result of I used to be very, very – clearly I’m not who I used to be 25 years in the past and nor do I pretend to be, however at one level, Grant turned the monitor on the camera around so I may see it and he was very excited. He said, ‘Look, look, look what you appear like! Have a look at it. That is great!’ and Jesse mentioned, ‘I am simply so glad man, that you agreed to do this,’ and Tom [Cavanagh] got here to the trailer and was talking to me about the way it had labored and that the true testomony was not what the other actors or your mates mentioned, however what the members of the crew — [they] would simply come up spontaneously and give a thumbs up or give, ‘That looks fantastic,’ or be very excited. So, I’ll see.