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Atom Cats Garage (Location)

The Atom Cats Garage is a pre-warfare Pink tee shirt nintendo game Rocket storage that’s now occupied by the Atom Cats, a gang who makes a speciality of armor modifications, extra specifically energy armor.

The storage has two energy armor stations where the only real Survivor can restore and modify power armor units. There are two armor units positioned in the area, and addition frames and items will be purchased from Rowdy inside of the garage.

Notable Loot
NotCats Poetry Night Tape 1, 2 & three tee shirt nintendo game – first one tee shirt nintendo game is within the trailer dwelling to the east; the second one is on the counter at the bar; and the third one is on the nightstand subsequent to the mattress in the again room of the garage.

Fusion Core – plugged into the technology hooked up to the main building
Hot Rodder #1 – situated in Zeke’s trailer towards the back.
T-60 Atom Cats Energy Armor – located within the far back of the scrapyard, behind two laser journey wires.

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