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The Faces Of Roman Egypt

I not too long ago came across a great blog submit by Patrick Feasler, who writes very fascinating things about the application of graphics technology to arty history. On this case it was an article about a utilizing pc characteristic matching to “average out” a collection of similar photos over time. It’s a very interesting intersection of art, history and tech — it offers an virtually-quantitative heft to observations that artwork historians normally wrestle to place into words.

One of many issues which really caught my eye, though, was this pair, derived from Fayyum mummy portraits:

When you comply with this hyperlink there’s an animated gif of the feminine face over time (which for some purpose won’t show here). It’s a outstanding example of how constant the Fayyum model was in both subject matter and expression over more than a two centuries.

It received me questioning if there’s an online corpus of those photos, and apparently there just isn’t — which is sort of a disgrace as a result of in addition to their value as particular person works of artwork this might be the greatest “social art” to survive from antiquity. It’s not unvarnished naturalism — although the t’challa shirt fashion is so direct that if typically feels virtually artless — and it’s by far the most important assortment of portraiture of historical people who weren’t kings and heroes: simply men and women, boys and women who happened to have someone who cared sufficient to record their photos for eternity.

So, if you’ve acquired a few million dollars and wish to endow one thing worthwhile, how about sponsoring an entire online gallery of these great images

Within the meantime probably the most comprehensive collection I might find is that this this Pinterest by Ellen Jaye Benson, which has 100 or more (including many more than simply the handful of masterworks that present up in every image search). It’s not precisely an art history text — I noticed a couple of pictures from this Pennsylvanian artist’s “Fayum-style” collection in there — however it’s nonetheless a placing collection.

Here a pair that really struck me, though the right factor to do is to only browse that link
It should in all probability occur to you that that is all very related to those limitless, dreary “Egyptian Race” questions. This type of evidence has for use with care; for one thing this is a set of photographs of relatively rich people, not a sociological survey .(though there a fairly a number of clearly cheaper ones within the collections in case you look round). There could also be unknown factors, like religious affiliation or segregated residence patterns that have an effect on the distribution of people in these photos.

All that mentioned, the combo of various individuals in these pictures seems to be strikingly just like the individuals I see on the Egyptian Television commercials in my native shwarma place. But… test it out for your self. Just look, and let the photographs look again at you. It puts your opinions, no matter they’re, t’challa shirt into perspective. If all you come away across the gulf of two thousand years at these faces is “I instructed you so”….