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Holli Would: The Sexiest Cartoon Ever

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Holli Would: The Sexiest Cartoon Ever
Updated on August 31, 2017 FlynntheCat1 moreContact Author Holli Would If She Might…
Holli Would is an obscure, but fantastically animated, character from the 1991 film Cool World. She’s ambitious and sexy and desires to be Actual – and pulls the principle character (Jack Deebs) into the world of doodles that he illustrated (however didn’t create) so as to achieve this. Voiced by Kim Bassinger (who additionally played her when she grew to become real) she provides Jessica Rabbit a run for her cash! Holli was a lot closer to the unique model of Jessica, from the guide Who Censored Roger Rabbit , than Jessica from the film model was. She’s also one of the one cartoon characters to ever be censored!

The movie has acquired very blended reactions – reaching cult status to some individuals, who declare it has great depth and a lot of layers, while others found it meaningless, and more of an extended music video. The actual successes of the film have been the character of Holli and the music. And in case you did not get it… Holli Would = Hollywood.

Sexy or trite
Fast, what do you consider Holli Would
Holli Would is sexy and superior

I didn’t know much about Holli Would however now I do.
Meh. I’m cooler. She’s boring.

I attempt not to. She’s terrible!
See results Sketches of Holli Would – … by al305sr on DeviantART
Cast of Cool World
The primary actors, actual and doodle
Gabriel Byrne as Jack Deebs

Kim Basinger as Holli Would
Brad Pitt as Detective Frank Harris

Michele Abrams as Jennifer Malley
Deirdre O’Connell as Isabelle Malley

Janni Brenn-Lowen as Agatha Rose Harris
Cosplaying Holli
Holli Would’s Costume
Holli’s costume is pretty easy – aside from the hairdo! She seems in several – both because she was a doodle or as a result of she had a variety of clothes! They’re always white, although, and her hair is always piled on high of her head.

A short white gown with easy shoulder straps, and white excessive heels
a gown that is more of a leotard (strapless and with cleavage) and may come with a filmy skirt, thigh high boots, and white bracelets or wristbands, and a white choker. The boots appear like they fold down at the top, and are additionally high-heeled.

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A protracted white strapless dress that looks just like the leotard with a protracted straight skirt, down to her feet, with a slit each facet up to her waist

A superhero costume – principally a minskirt and bikini, the boots once more, and a cape.
Make-up and Hair
Holli solely seems to put on blue over her eyelids, and clearly lipstick. I have never obtained a clue the place to begin recommending there… and apparently your real eye and pores and skin colour might be a difficulty!

As you’ll be able to see, her hair is piled onto the highest/again of her head into a really free bun, with a fringe and two unfastened bits of hair hanging down over her ears. This would not change all through the movie.

Some white minidresses that may work
There would not seem to be much on the market that’s precisely like what Holli wore- you may be higher off making your individual (if you know how) or modifying one you bought. Although my attempts at looking could also be hampered by not actually understanding if I am even utilizing the proper names – fashion will not be my forte!

However, the theme is fairly consistent… quick, white, sexy… so you would simply get away with some combination from below for Halloween!

Holli’s a dancer, which is how Jack first sees her, when he lands in her club.
The white costume we first see her in, dancing in the membership, is apparently the identical gown Marilyn Monroe wore within the 1960 film Let’s Make Love (nicely – a cartoon version of it). I’ve found the trailer on YouTube and I feel it is the one she’s wearing at 1.22 and 1,forty t shirt marvel comics wolverine three but I can’t discover any clear images.

The ‘leotard’ costume
You’d be better off making the white band around her neck and wrists yourself than making t shirt marvel comics wolverine an attempt to find a plain choker or wristband! You’ll be able to most likely find one thing appropriate to really wear for the remainder of you although. For the boots, see the thigh-high ones listed earlier.

The Superhero Outfit
Holli gets turned right into a cartoon superhero at the top – once more, still in white, however now she has an orange cape. She’s got the identical thigh excessive white boots as earlier than, and a bikini as an alternative of a dress.

I can’t find a similar cape to point you in the direction of. It is orange, easy, with no visible seams, and falls to about waist size. There are a couple of what appear to be children’s orange capes on Amazon however that’s all I can discover.

Holli Would or Jessica Rabbit – Which is the animated sexy, sultry dancer of your choice
I admit, I’m not a fan of Jessica Rabbit. I can see how the design is sexy, and they’ve obtained her movements down pat, however the face The proportions The artist in me winces.

Cool World Games
There were a number of games made for Cool World in addition to a prequel comic sequence.

Guestbook – Holli Would says hello. It is polite to say ‘hi’ back.
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sendingNightcat four years in the past
Yup, she’s nonetheless scorching! Blessed again! πŸ™‚

I must admit the title of this lens attracted me. I like how you included the graphics. And yes, Holli is scorching. Thumbs up!

Paul 5 years in the past from Liverpool, England
Almost had a Wayne’s World moment reading this! Tremendous lens,

Nightcat 5 years in the past
I haven’t seen the movie in ages, nevertheless it was incredible to see Holli Would in action again. Nice to see her paired with Jessica. Now in the event that they obtained along with Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Ivy, they’d rule Gotham! πŸ™‚

She is healthier than, Jessica Rabbit. I understand this chick, but Jessica Rabbit I reall dob’t underneath why did she marry Roger Rabbit.

tricomanagement 5 years in the past
assume so – if not she’s a really shut second

Interesting, I do know her now. πŸ™‚
EMangl 6 years ago

good to meet her, by no means saw earlier than
fireblazzer 6 years ago

Deffinilty a interesting lens.. good web page!
JCEverett 6 years in the past

Nice and inventive lens thanks for posting it.
lizziehumphreys1 6 years in the past

cool lens! πŸ™‚ ive by no means heard of holli would earlier than!
Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

Holli Would might effectively be the sexiest cartoon I’ve ever seen and go away it to you to introduce her, you are all the time introducing me to new motion pictures!

jlendon 6 years in the past
Fantastic Lens! Properly thought out, yes Holli is lovely, but I am torn between Jessica Rabbit and Holli as well. My brother says thanks for this post, he didn’t even know who Holli was till now. Thanks again!

kathysmith lm 7 years in the past
clever… great work!

nameless 7 years ago
I must say yes. But, I would additionally have to say, maybe I do not get out enough!

damagedinc 7 years in the past
Nice lens!

Bus Cease Toy Store 7 years ago
One other newcomer – she is gorgeous, is not she

Yume Tenshi 7 years in the past
I had no idea who this was, however I feel I’m in love now! **scampers off to stalk Holli Would**

Richard 7 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom
Bought to admit this is the primary I have heard of Holli Would – however looking at her I assume Holli would πŸ˜‰

missbat 7 years ago
Man, I remember when Cool World came out. And I was too little to see it! Great lens on Holli Would, Flynn!

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