Supermans Black Costume Seems In Concept Artwork

Earlier at this time, we talked about that there could also be a sequence in Man of Steel through which Superman is depicted in an all-black model of his costume. With out entering into any spoilers, it appears to be one of the film’s key moments, and is being played up in a number of the movie merchandise for its cool imagery.

At right, you may see some idea artwork from the movie, scanned from the e book Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman and posted to a fan Facebook page, exhibiting off what such a picture of Superman is perhaps within the film.

Why’s this so thrilling to a share of followers? Nicely, back in the 1990s, Superman wore a black-and-silver model of his costume for a brief time period.

Within the story, he had been killed and his body was being slowly restored by a regeneration chamber saved in the Fortress of Solitude. The black suit was something the Fortress robots had put on him whereas he hibernated/recovered/was resurrected.

It was a surprisingly common go well with among fans and, in all probability as a result of it was never presented as a probably everlasting change, many followers have asked to see it time and again Men’s The Last Jedi Star Wars Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt over time. DC has performed with the concept a little bit bit–notably dressing Superman Prime in a caped model of the outfit throughout the Countdown to Final Disaster event.

More just lately, Superman was seen sporting one thing strikingly related in Superman #0, the primary concern by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort and ostensibly an issue that would set the stage for issues to return this year in the e-book.

Might that call have been influenced by Man of Steel’s determination to use a version of that costume (which, extra probably than not, means there shall be toys and merchandise tie-ins)? It’s not unlikely–wanting on the image drawn by Daniel, it does seem as if the costume at left has not less than as a lot in common with the Man of Steel uniform as it does Superman’s New 52 duds…!