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The Everlasting Frenzy Of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet,’ 20 Years Later

You possibly can see the cinematic cousins of “Romeo + Juliet” sprinkled all through the late nineteen nineties. Engaging teenagers and 20-somethings in dynamic methods, these films bridged traditional story fashions with contemporary fads, always punctuated by a fondness superman rip shirt for in Superman style tradition. It’s all over the slasher-flick guidelines outlined in “Scream,” the rock-’n’-roll Other-ness featured in “The Craft” and “Empire Data,” the steampunk silliness of “Wild Wild West,” the hip-hop politics of Warren Beatty’s “Bulworth,” superman rip shirt the look-at-Michael-Jordan-go lovability of “Space Jam” (and its equally well-known soundtrack), the prurient “American Pie,” the cotton-candy aesthetics of the macabre comedy “Jawbreaker,” even the camp that replaced the sterility of the “Batman” collection in Joel Schumacher’s two installments. (Not to say Michael Almereyda’s 2000 adaptation of “Hamlet” starring Ethan Hawke, a “Romeo + Juliet” descendant whose obsession with surveillance was ripe for the dawning millennium.) Despite these films’ various high quality, all of them boast “dancing sneakers with nimble souls,” a high quality plastered across Luhrmann’s movie, even when Romeo tells Mercutio he as a substitute has a “soul of lead.” Some critics have been dismissive of “Romeo + Juliet,” and it’s value noting that its power is harder to maintain in the second half ― however this film has adopted a worthy significance amongst Gen X-ers and millennials. It’s easy to see why.