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Atom Constructive Not Impartial

In accordance with scientific books, an atom, regardless of its bodily anatomy, will always stay electrically neutral. However I disagree. As a result of I believe the atom is electrically positive and not impartial. “As we speak’s assumption is Men’s superman clipart Cotton Long Sleeve Tee Shirt tomorrow’s assignment”. I wrote this saying in 1977 once i began to question myself about the possibility of harnessing gravitational forces as a new kind of power source. I kept this thought in mind to help me going whereas being aware of the nice challenges mendacity ahead in tackling such a complex and controversial situation. Following within the footsteps of Christopher Columbus I sailed on to find the secrets of gravity. Sure, it all started with wishful pondering and so it is. Prefer it was to Columbus.

Now, try to imagine a world the place electricity is freely accessible or very cheap to buy, by harnessing the gravitational forces, anyplace – even in a desert. What achievement this might be! But first, let’s start with an assumption and figure out an idea which may lead us to find the scientific knowledge of what gravity is all about. As a ‘Faraday’ my explanations are in layman’s language. Equations and formulae will come at a later stage.

So, why do I consider superman long sleeve sweatshirt that the atom at the surface of the earth is electrically constructive
1. As we all know our earth’s north and south poles are created by the electromagnetic field at the earth’s core. Equally, I believe, our earth’s crust consists of another two-like poles (spherical plates): an outer layer plate and an inner layer plate, one above the other, with a dielectric (mantel) in between like a huge spherical capacitor – with the distinction, that as a substitute of magnetic poles we now superman long sleeve sweatshirt also have two electrically charged plates, that covers the entire area of the earth: the inner plate’s atom, charged unfavourable, and the outer plate’s atom, charged constructive. These two plates entice each other and that is what gravity is all about, because optimistic and damaging prices entice one another. We do not feel something except the weight of our physique, because we are additionally fabricated from constructive atoms like all the opposite matter that surrounds us.

2. It is a reality that most lightning strikes from the earth’s floor (outer plate) towards the clouds – and not as it is usually believed – the other method round When lightning strikes tens of millions of constructive volts are emitted from the outer plate and discharged to the clouds. Sadly, sometimes lightning strikes also via the underground telephone lines, move the telephone receiver, spark out of the phone handset, causing a number of fatal bodily incidents, superman long sleeve sweatshirt deaths, and fire to buildings. This is proof that the earth’s floor is made from positively charged atoms.

Three. It’s a incontrovertible fact that our solar radiates myriads of positive electrified particles that shower the floor of the earth constantly, thus sustaining the atom’s constructive charge. The Auroras on the North and South Poles are a bodily and visual proof of these optimistic electrified particles.

4. It is a undeniable fact that the oceans are salty. Could it’s for the same purpose why corrosion (salt) accumulates around the constructive terminal of a automotive battery Is the earth like one gigantic electric cell

Conclusion: In my opinion, scientists construct up all types of formulae and equations to hide their assumptions. Labeling the atom, as being electrically neutral is one instance – where they properly know that a scientific experiment to proof the atom as electrically impartial does not exist! Or are they only assuming that the atom is electrically neutral