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Who Are The 3 Jokers

In Justice League #50, it is revealed to us that there are 3 Jokers.
In Endgame, a doctor in Arkham tells Batman a story about how the “Pale Man” (Joker) has been there since the start of Gotham, healing due to the same meteorite as Vandal Savage or Ra’s Robin Al Ghul. It is never confirmed wether this was a hoax or a reality, but the Joker did have a Lazarus Pit-ish substance, known as Dionesium.

The three Jokers proven to us are the Golden Age Joker, the Killing Joke Joker and the New 52 Joker.
Within the back of the issues of Batman #34-forty, we see a story of 5 escapees from Arkham who’ve been driven insane by the Joker, who advised them invented origins of him (stuff like he was a robot or a demon).

So, what if the “Pale Man” myth is true, similar to Vandal Savage and the Demon’s Head are If he’s real, then he likes driving different folks insane, specially to make them do terrible stuff.

What if he chose a man who had green hair and white face just like him to show him into an evil monster The Joker. Possibly he chose Alfred/ Alby Stryker, the first criminal Batman faced on Detective Comics #27. At the tip of the New 52 version, he fell right into a chemical vat. We see he survive, and it is implied that he superman floral sweatshirt 2017 would become the Joker. However maybe he did die there, but the Pale Man decided it would be humorous to make HIM the “Joker”. Alfred’s hair and pores and skin probably suffered the identical as Crimson Hood (Joker) in his Killing Joke’s backstory. The fact that they regarded alike was humorous to the Pale Man.

In Batman #1, throughout their first encounter, the Joker dies, but comes again to life. How I believe it was the Dionesium that healed him. He also “died” a number of other instances. In “The Joker Walks the Last Mile”, his assistants revived him with a serum, which I consider was also Dionesium. I believe, the Pale Man finally gets uninterested in this Joker dying and lets him lastly die.

Then, he got himself another man, who had also fallen right into a chemical vat, because of Batman. It was even funnier as a result of he had been by way of the same because the last one, even his hair and pores and skin had modified; so this man turned the Joker, until the Killing Joke, where at the end, Batman kills him. I know there’s loads of theorizing about wether he kills him or not this time, however I consider he does.

That’s when the Pale Man he will develop into the Joker. Unlike the last two, he didn’t have any private vendetta against him, but they had been just made for one another. He was the Moriarty to his Sherlock. He even cuts his face since he knew he could develop it once more. In Demise of the Family, Batman reveals that after he found a Joker card within the Batcave, but to enter the Batcave, the Joker would’ve to go through all the security, something no man may do, not even Batman. However what if you’re more superman floral sweatshirt 2017 than a man, what if you are immortal Maybe the Pale Man was the one who entered the Batcave that day. That is how he discovered everybody’s secret identities.

Then, after Endgame takes place, he decides it’s time to bring the Jokers back to life. He lost his pit, so he takes the Dionesium from his spine (what’s left) and makes use of it to convey Alby Joker and Pink Hood Joker back to life. That is how there are three Jokers.