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The Red Monologue 2.Zero – From superman false god t shirt meaning the massive Bad Wolf’s Huge Mouth to Your Huge Eyes
Up to date on November 26, 2014 ProCW moreContact Author The Story of Little Red Riding Hood has been and continues to be a timeless classic for each younger and older readers alike. It has impressed such nice authors as Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, and many extra! As with the well-known writers, this story has impressed me to write down various adaptations in addition to related stories, including this model and my earlier model of The Crimson Monologue. I actually hope that you just take pleasure in this monologue as much as I did, whereas writing it. With none extra delay, may I current:

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That was g-rrr-uff! I am tired and huffy, and famished and puffy! And earlier than you think that is about the three little pigs, I’ll let you already know now – it is not. It was final week that I climbed out of the bath which was turned up means too excessive by the little pigs. I’ve cooled off about that, though I was steaming – actually! This is all due to just a little girl! I’m sure you’ve got seen her skipping all through the forest, with not a worry in the world, dressed in her brilliant red, hooded cloak.

I actually wasn’t prepared for brunch, however oooooh did she look scrumptious! I would simply had Mary’s little lamb for breakfast, not even an hour earlier than she happened about me.

So there we were, talking about how she was taking some things over to her “Grandmama’s Home to make her really feel all higher,” however I couldn’t stop pondering to myself, “I might just eat her up proper right here, proper now, and no person would know any different.” She went on to inform me that she “didn’t have for much longer to hop, skip or jump, because Grandmama’s Home is simply over the river and by way of the woods” and since she’d “already crossed the river, all that was left was the woods.” Then abruptly, I heard a man’s voice singing, accompanied by the whistling sound of an ax shifting by the wind. I knew that sound meant the Huntsman was close by and that I ought to make myself scarce.

I made a proper after which a left, operating like a wild-wolf for hours upon hours by means of the woods. I finally made it to her Grandmama’s door, just earlier than sunset. It was cracked, so I let myself in; together with her Grandmama snuggled deeply between her sheets. She mentioned, “Red Come here and give your Grandmama an ideal-large hug.” I tiptoed over and gobbled her up, quick! I didn’t even should chew; not one bite. She slid right down and i did not want an after-dinner mint – she tasted quite minty! Oh, was I full, feeling a bit sick and in need of a wolfnap. Good thing there was a bed proper there! I started feeling a bit of chilly, so I pulled up the covers, put on a nightcap and in no-time flat, I was sleeping like a pup!

I woke up to “Grandmama Grandmama Knock-knock-knock!” I said roughly, “Who’s that knocking” and adjusted shortly to my sweetest voice and said “Oh, I mean are available in.” She entered and that i stated “Come just a little closer. Grandmama’s eyes aren’t what they was.” She did after which stated, “Oh, Grandmama, I’ve missed you a lot. Mom said superman false god t shirt meaning that you’re sick and that I wanted to carry over some issues to make you’re feeling all better! Milk and cookies always make me feel better, so right here you might be; milk and cookies!”

Feeling fairly thirsty and in want of a bit of dessert, I ate the cookies and sloshed down the milk. Mmm-mmm—Yuck! Up got here superman false god t shirt meaning the milk, out came her nonetheless-minty Grandmama, and to top it off; then I tossed my cookies! Her Grandmama saved saying to the woman, “Red, I really feel all the higher!” I suppose the cookies and milk did the trick

The Huntsman slung open the door and mentioned, “Not you once more, wolf!!!” Just as I used to be about to leap out of the window, I noticed the Huntsman’s sharp ax out of the nook of my eye. Then I noticed the coloration crimson, overtaken by a brilliant light.

Now, here I am – and i never need to see that little purple satan again!
So, the place are we and why is it so hot here Oh, and where can a hungry wolf get one thing to eat Say, what sort of tasty creature are you; with no fur and an extended, pointy tail… pointy ears… claws… and you’re Purple, too Oh NO!!!!!

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The Pink Monologue 2.0 has now been featured!
Each so often, HubPages’ Neighborhood and Marketing Supervisor, Simone Smith, does a podcast that includes fiction from authors on HubPages. Immediately (July four, 2011) she featured my monologue! To hearken to her reading of The Purple Monologue 2.Zero, you may directly obtain her podcast under, or go to the weblog and download it. She does an incredible job reading it.

Hyperlink: Podcast of The Crimson Monologue 2.0
For those who’d like to have your fictional work learn and featured, simply let her know!

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sendingAuthorProCW 6 years in the past from South Carolina

hehe… wings ‘n all … surprise if there’d be some sauce made out there to him… 🙂
I may just have to think of an alternate ending, or create The Crimson Monologue three.Zero! 🙂

Absolutely. They style like hen!
🙂 Thanks for the sort words, Simone! 🙂

The large Unhealthy Wolf in Heaven; would not he eat the entire angels 🙂
This story is manner an excessive amount of fun for its personal good. Though I might have thought the wolf would find yourself in heaven! I mean, consuming annoying youngsters and old folk is a dirty job, however Someone’S bought to do it!

🙂 Thanks, cardelean! 🙂
DIYweddingplanner, I dunno. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

DIYweddingplanner 6 years in the past from South Carolina, USA
Why is my thoughts making an attempt to place this to a rap beat 🙂 Good one!

cardelean 6 years ago from Michigan
Very cute. I like the twist at the top!

AuthorProCW 6 years ago from South Carolina
Thanks, Denise! 🙂

Denise Handlon 6 years in the past from North Carolina
Cute. LOL