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Han Solo Vs Green Arrow

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Han Solo vs Green Arrow
– History

Two Deadly marksman who are identified for their accuracy and Girl attracting expertise battle Booster_Gold who prevails

Wiz: Star Wars and Dc both franchises home deadly powerhouses like Superman and Darth Vader but additionally include two unusual males who never miss a shot

Boomstick: And Are consultants at attracting woman and cash Like Han Solo the Loud mouthed Captain of the Millennium Falcon

Wiz: And Green Arrow the Emerald Archer
Boomstick: He is Wiz and I am Boomstick

Wiz: And it is our job to analyse their weapons,Armour and abilities to search out out who would win a Loss of life Battle!

Han Solo
Spolier Alert: This Bio accommodates Major Spoliers for the Power Awakens if you don’t need to be spoiled skip this Bio

Wiz: Han Solo was born in 29bby on the Planet Corillea ten years earlier than the take over of the Galactic Empire

Boomstick: Han’s parents died when he was a child so he turned a life of stealing and crime so as to survive and ultimately stole a Starship the place he discovered he was a natural area pilot and travelled around creating wealth

Wiz: Han then saved a Wookie named Chewbacca from Imperial Slavemasters and Escaped and Chewbacca would ultimately turn out to be Han’s First mate and Han ultimately acquired the legendary Millennium Falcon from his buddy Lando Calrissean

Boomstick: With The massive Hairy Oaf at his facet and the quickest ship in the galaxy Han Solo turned probably the most infamous Smugglers within the Galaxy his status rivalling that of Skilled Bounty Hunter Boba Fett

Wiz: Han went to work for Jabba the Hutt and supplied to give Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi a lift to the Alderaan System that turned into a rescue mission and Han joining the Rebel Alliance

Boomstick: Despite having trouble with that speaking Slug Jabba Han remained loyal to the Rebels till after the Empire was defeated and Leia and Han had a kid named Ben Solo who turned out to be a Rebel

Wiz: Ben fell to the dark side taking over the title Kylo ren and this drove Han and Leia apart and eventually Han and Chewie teamed up with a former Stormtrooper known as Finn and a Scavenger named superhero womens t shirt Ray to take down the enemy base the place Han got here face to face together with his son

Boomstick: Ben then said hiya the only way he knew how by stabbing his father killing the Smuggler once and for all

Wiz: Han in his prime was a deadly marksman whose weapon of selection is his DL-forty four blaster pistol that is designed for brief ranged blaster duels and carries a telescope allowing Han to zoom in on targets earlier than attacking them

Boomstick: Han also has fought in the Galactic Civil War and taken down douzens of Stormtroopers fellow, bounty hunters other foes together with his blaster and has dodged blaster blots at point clean vary

Wiz: However The blaster is Han’s only weapon and without it he is helpless and his blaster carries limited ammo and might overheat making it ineffective in extremly lengthy fights also Han has no armour and his recklessness can usually get him into trouble

Boomstick: But Han still is one deadly marksman you do not want to double cross
Han: Sorry about the mess !

Wiz: Oliver Queen was born to a wealthy household who ran the well-known Queen industries in Star metropolis and in his youth was inspired by the tale of Robin Hood

Boomstick: Oliver’s father introduced him to Archery the place young Oliver grew to become a professional on the bow but in the future while out on safari Oliver’s parents have been attacked by Lions and killed Not before getting off some head shots first

Wiz: Oliver was now the heir and head of the company however as a substitute of utilizing his talents he took the easy method out and turned to a life of drinking and partying all day

Boomstick: While having fun with himself on his Non-public Yacht Oliver partied a bit a lot and fell off his Yacht and was washed on shore of a island where he assembled his personal bow and began to realize great accuracy with it

Wiz: Ultimately Oliver came upon the island was home to a drug operation and Oliver singlehandly took them down along with his new trick arrows and managed to raidio in a rescue boat and returned to Star metropolis a changed man

Boomstick: Wanting to use his abilities to inspire justice Oliver created a proper bow and decided to struggle crime because the Emerald archer Green arrow

Wiz: Oliver is a grasp with a bow and carries tonnes of trick arrows which we will list here as a result of huge variety of them:

Tear Gas arrows- Carries Tear Gas
Flash Grenade arrows- Shoots a flash of light temperarily blinding foes
Expolisive arrows- Range from tiny explosions to huge blasts
Twister arrows- Creates a tornado upon affect
Grappling hook arrows- Allows Green arrow to climb buildings
Kryptonite arrows- Designed to take down Superman
Acid arrows- Shoots corrosive acid at enemies
Diamond arrows- Can crack nearly something upon impact
Boxing glow arrow- Shoots a boxing glove that delivers a deadly punch to the face
Television arrows- Shoots Television’s
Jellyfish arrows- Shoots Jellyfish
Boomerang arrows- Arrows that come back to Green arrow
Buzzsaw arrows- Deadly arrows
Chimney sweep arrows – Sweep Chimneys

Boomstick: What the heck how does he have room for all those arrows
Wiz: He Dosen’t he can only carry a restricted amount of arrows in his quiver additionally Oliver is a grasp fighter and has been educated in Acrobatics, Assaination and Martieux Arts

Boomstick: Oliver is part of the Justice league and can fireplace as much as 29 arrows per minute and shoot a drop of water that dripped from a tap and hadn’t even hit the bottom

Wiz: Oliver also Has had 19 girlfriends but he finally fell in love along with his fellow crew participant Black Canary and proposed to her and married her

Boomstick: Green arrow can shoot a tiny grape right on top of man’s head and may shoot mutiple arrows at once and wrestled a Alligator

Wiz: But Green Arrow can solely fit so many arrows in his Quiver and if he runs out of them he might be vunerable to ranged assaults and also has limited safety against bullets and arrows meaning he might be taken down with enough power

Boomstick: However in regardless of of all this Green arrow is one deadly archer you do not want to annoy
Green Arrow: At my core, I wasn’t a hero. I used to be a hunter

Pre-Demise Battle
Wiz: All proper the combatants are Set let’s end this debate once and for all !

Boomstick: It’s time for a Demise Battle !
Loss of life Battle

In Star City Green arrow was on prime of a building wanting across the town when he hears a big expolsion coming from the Financial institution and a wierd Spacship appearing nearby

Green arrow: Hmm what’s occurring on the financial institution higher examine
Green arrow shoots a grappling hook arrow and swings over to the financial institution and Han Solo and Chewbacca enter the bank and open a vault crammed with cash

Han: Proper Chewie this is the alien money Jabba’s wanted let’s get it
Chewie: Raagrh

Green arrow enters the constructing and draws his bow
Green arrow: Cease right their

Han: Um no that is our Cash Mate and we’re going to take it any objections
Green Arrow: Yeah quite a bit

Han: Well Chewie let’s make this fast
Han and Chewie pull out their blasters ready to struggle

Chewie costs at Green arrow who shoots an arrow at him however Chewie dodges and Han shoots Chewie makes an attempt to punch Green Arrow who doges and beats up Chewie and knocks him apart and Han pictures Green Arrow hiting him in the aspect

Green Arrow: AAhh i will deal you with you in a minute have some doughnuts you Ape !
Green Arrow shoots the Doughnut Arrow at Chewie who doges and begins eating the doughnuts aand drops his gun

Han: Chewie cease eating and assist me take out this guy
Green arrow: Sorry mate it’s simply you and me

Han: You do not know who your preventing with
Han shoots two blaster blots GA dodges them and and shoots three arrows at Han who blasts them all shortly along with his blaster GA then shoots the exploding arrow at Han who dodges it and begins rapidly taking pictures blaster blots at GA whereas moving around the room

GA is hit within the arm with one of many blaster blots however shrugs it off and shoots the Tear Fuel arrow at Han who begins crying

Green Arrow: Aww are you upset here’s a present to cheer you up
Green arrow shoots the Boxing Glove arrow but Han doges it the arrow deflects off the wall and punches Han in the neck and Green Arrow shoots the Flash Bang Arrow blinding Han Solo quickly a arrow flies in direction of Han however Han shoots it destroying it

Green arrow runs in direction of Han and whacks him along with his bow several instances however Han kicks him in the knee and shoots GA in the intestine however GA grabs two arrows and stabs Han within the ribs with two arrows and punches him

Han: Aaah ..I am not completed but
Han shoots again twice however GA dodges and leaps onto the wall and jumps off of it and is about kick Han but he dodges superhero womens t shirt and Shoots Green Arrow in the again

Green Arrow: Uhh That is it
Green Arrow shoots a Diamond Arrow that hits Han in the intestine and Green Arrow then shoots a jelly fish arrow at Han’s face blinding him and causing him to roar in pain

Han: Ahh No
Green Arrow: Bye Bye pal

Green arrow shoots a Boxing glove arrow at Han’s face knocking him out of the building GA then walks to the sting of the constructing and shoots a Expolsion arrow that hits Han directly as he falls by means of the air and an enormous expolsion sounds by means of the air killing Han

Chewie finishes consuming the last doughnut and Shoots GA knocking him out the building however he shoots a Grappiling arrow and saves himself and jumps onto a building

Green Arrow: You set up a very good Battle pal

Boomstick: Wow poor Han !

Wiz: While Han Had extra expertise and had the extra advanced weapon Green Arrow trumped him in the whole lot else

Boomstick: Green arrow’s massive Arsenal made it arduous for Han to sustain with him and GA’s Physical Combat mastery also allowed him to beat Han

Wiz: Han additionally had little protection towards GA’s deadly arrows and was ultimately Outclassed and Overpowered

Boomstick: Although Han shot first He additionally also Died first
Wiz: What that’s a foul joke

Boomstick: No it’s superior
Wiz: Whatever..The Winner is Green Arrow

Benefits and Disadvantages
Green Arrow: Winner

+ Pretty much All the things
– Didn’t have as a lot expertise

Han Solo: Loser
+ Had more experience

– Pretty much Everything
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