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Ideas For CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Season 2

CBS’ ‘Supergirl‘ has had a good solid freshman 12 months. The present has some kinks however it seems to comprehend that and has been working on them. All in all, it’s nice to look at another superhero on Television who actually enjoys being a superhero and really needs to make the world a greater place.

Despite Kara’s bodily and psychological energy she still deals with the angst of being and alien on Earth who unlike her famous cousin remembers her dwelling planet and people she lost. Melissa Benoist does a incredible job making you love and really feel for the character. Hopefully, it doesn’t matter what the destiny of the present, Benoist can be nominated for an Emmy. Whereas ‘Supergirl‘ isn’t assured of a second season yet, CBS has hinted on a pickup. Presently, the present is getting around a 1.7 with that cherished 18-48 demographic. That makes ‘Supergirl‘ CBS’s second-highest rated new present. The signs look promising for the second season.

Listed here are a couple of options for that season:
Work out what to do with Jimmy Olsen

Is he a love interest for Kara or not After the now forgotten kiss, he seems to be. Let’s keep away from the Cheers “Sam and Diana” will they or won’t they tension. Flash did that with Iris and Barry; it grows previous quick. Pick a task and keep it up.

Arrow / Supergirl cross-over
Or dare we ask, bring Flash back This time, possibly have the lady of steel visit their Earth Though that may be trickier to do having CW units on a CBS show. Whatever the case, it could be wonderful to have Kara interact with these characters from this barely different Earth. Her dynamic with Barry was a joy to observe.

Bring in Energy Lady
Maxwell Lord has already tried and didn’t clone Supergirl as soon as. He’s not the type of guy to simply accept failure. A extra useful clone: i.e. Energy Lady would seem like the following logical step. (Anyone know why Supergirl is one word and Energy Girl two )

Speaking of Maxwell Lord, is he a superb man, a foul man or something in between He’s been inconsistent this season. Generally he wants to outright stop Supergirl or control a brilliant being. On different occasions, he helps out as only a wealthy genius can. The writing group needs to determine his place on the earth. This Earth already has Lex Luthor, don’t consider they want another one.

Two words: Green Lantern
Supergirl is constantly coping with highly effective aliens the Inexperienced Lantern and the Lantern Corps appear like a logical superhero so as to add. A a lot better match than with its supergirl t shirt sister CW reveals. Having Inexperienced Lantern, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter flying by means of the sky would fill many a comic geek’s coronary heart with glee.

With Cadmus in existence, it appears only natural for Lucy Lane to turn out to be Superwoman. This might make an attention-grabbing twist on Kara and Lucy’s pleasant rivalry. Cadmus changing James Harper into the shield wielding Guardian would look like something properly within their grasp.

For potential foes: Mister Mxyzptik or his wife and better half Ms. Gzptisnz. Either of these two (or maybe the dual) could be formidable and interesting opponents. Gzptisnz having a crush on Jimmy, maybe As highly effective as Kara is she is weak to magic. Going up towards both of these two would force her to rely on her wits. Since we don’t know what occurred to the actual Hank Henshaw, in concept, he is alive and will present up in season 2 as Cyborg Superman. After all in this world, he might be more of a Martian Manhunter hater with J’onn being very accountable for his “death”.

One among the biggest missteps this season was having Cat figure out that Kara is Supergirl and then tricking her into thinking she was fallacious. Cat has been in many ways a mentor to Supergirl. She must be a full-fledged member of the team. Actually, it’s quite attainable Cat knows however isn’t letting on.

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