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Checklist Of X-Males Members

The X-Males are a group of mutant superheroes, revealed in comedian books by Marvel Comics. Over the many years, the X-Males have featured a rotating line up composed of a lot of characters.

– Characters in bold are members of the team as of the present time.
– A slash (/) between names signifies codenames of 1 character in chronological order.
– Characters listed are set in the Earth-616 continuity except when famous.

1 X-Males 1.1 Original crew
1.2 20th century recruits
1.Three twenty first century recruits
1.4 Other standing

2.1 New Mutants graduate X-Men
2.2 Muir Island X-Men
2.3 Phalanx invasion X-Men
2.4 Mannite rescue X-Males
2.5 Genoshan assault X-Men
2.6 Road staff X-Men
2.7 X-Males-in-coaching
2.8 X-Power (X-Males’s strike crew)
2.9 X-Membership
2.10 The Lights

3.1 New Mutants
three.2 X-Force
3.3 X-Issue
3.4 Excalibur
three.5 Generation X
three.6 X-Company
3.7 Xavier Institute college students three.7.1 New X-Men
three.7.2 Younger X-Males
3.7.Three Other pupil squads
3.7.4 Students with no squad identified

four.1 Cerebro’s X-Men
4.2 Great Lakes X-Males
4.3 Norman Osborn’s X-Males

Unique team[edit]
20th century recruits[edit]

twenty first century recruits[edit]
Other standing[edit]

Substitute teams[edit]
New Mutants graduate X-Males[edit]

In 1986, The new Mutants briefly graduated to become the X-Men in Uncanny X-Males Annual #10.
Muir Island X-Males[edit]

In 1989, in the wake of the X-Males’s “dying” during “Fall of super villain costume women the Mutants”, Banshee assembled a crew of X-Males on Muir Island in Uncanny X-Males #254 to #255.

Phalanx invasion X-Men[edit]
In 1994, to oppose the risk of the techno-organic alien Phalanx, a workforce of X-Males was quickly banded collectively in Uncanny X-Men #316.

Mannite rescue X-Males[edit]
In 1999, after Professor X disbanded the X-Males in an attempt to “smoke out” a Skrull impostor of their ranks, Cyclops and Jean Grey pulled collectively a crew to assist the Mannites in Astonishing X-Men, vol. 2 #1.

Genoshan assault X-Men[edit]
In 2001, after losing members when Storm began her X-Treme X-Men and Professor X was captured by Magneto, Jean Grey recruited a short lived team in Uncanny X-Males #392 in order to rescue Professor X.

Street crew X-Men[edit]
In 2004, a staff scratched collectively by Cyclops in the wake of Xorn’s rampage by means of Manhattan, New York in New X-Men #149 to #one hundred fifty.

X-Drive (X-Men’s strike workforce)[edit]

X-Males squad assembled from 2007 to 2014. Led by Cyclops with Wolverine serving as the sector leader. Took on missions which required responses too violent or controversial for the X-Men to deal with straight. When Cyclops disbanded the X-Force, Wolverine put a brand new X-Force squad together with out his data.

In 2009, Beast gathered a scientific workforce in Uncanny X-Males #507 to attempt to deal with the mutant start disaster and reverse the results of M-Day. The group lasted until 2012.

The Lights[edit]
In 2010, a crew of the primary mutants to floor in Earth since M-Day, tasked with rescuing and serving to another new mutants as they seem. The crew lasted till 2012.

Splinter groups[edit]
New Mutants[edit]

The members of the brand new Mutants decided to vary the crew title to X-Drive in New Mutants #one hundred (1991).


Era X[edit]

Xavier Institute students[edit]
182 Xavier Institute college students had been enrolled earlier than M-Day (2006), after which they had been reduced to 26, together with X-23 (plus Kid Omega in Beast’s lab).

New X-Men[edit]
In 2006, the group debuted in New X-Males, vol. 2 #23 after a last-man-standing exercise to know which students were probably the most worthy to be skilled. Wallflower, Blindfold, Ernst, and Gentle had been excused from the exercise. The students selected had been to be educated as a junior workforce of X-Males. In 2008, it was disbanded in X-Males, vol. 2 #207.

Young X-Men[edit]
In 2008, a group of former Xavier Institute college students initially introduced collectively by Donald Pierce, disguised as Cyclops and later mentored by Dani Moonstar and Sunspot as a brand new, young X-Men squad.

Different scholar squads[edit]
All pupil squads were disbanded in New X-Men, vol. 2 #23 (2006) except when famous.

First appeared in New X-Men #135 (2003). Group of scholars who were on the drug kick and started a riot at Xavier’s, which resulted within the deaths of Sophie Cuckoo and Dummy.

First appeared in New X-Men #135 (2003) and was became a brand new Brotherhood in New X-Males #146 (2003).

Earned its title in New X-Males: Academy X #2 (2004). The squad had previously appeared with out a reputation in New Mutants vol. 2 (2003-2004).

Created in New X-Men: Academy X #2 (2004).
This squad was created in New X-Men: Academy X #2 (2004).

This squad was seen once in Uncanny X-Men #444 (2004).[7]
This squad’s identify was seen on the sphere day leads to New X-Men: Academy X #10 (2005) First appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #12 (2005).

This squad’s title was seen on the sector day results in New X-Men: Academy X #four (2004). First appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #thirteen (2005).

First appeared in X-Men, vol. 2 #171 (2005).[7]
This squad by no means appeared on panel and was never given a reputation.[7]

This squad was talked about however never appeared on panel.[7]
This squad never appeared on panel.[7]

This squad was mentioned however never appeared on panel, and its roster was by no means revealed.[7]
Students with no squad identified[edit]

The following are teams who’ve used the title of X-Males with out specific permission of the official X-Males, typically opposed to the X-Males altogether, to announce and/or promote themselves to the general public.

Cerebro’s X-Males[edit]

Great Lakes X-Men[edit]
In 2005, served a stop and desist for his crew’s use of the Avengers identify, Mr. Immortal reorganized the good Lakes Avengers into a group of unofficial X-Men in G.L.A. #Four. They’ve since changed their identify to first Nice Lakes Champions and then Great Lakes Initiative.

Norman Osborn’s X-Males[edit]
In 2009, a workforce of X-Men assembled by Norman Osborn during the “Utopia” storyline as a part of the overarching “Dark Reign” occasion.

Ancillary teams[edit]
Alpha Flight – Canadian superhero team
Huge Hero 6 – Japanese superhero group
MI: Thirteen – British superhero staff
Shi’ar Imperial Guard – Royal Guard of the Shi’ar Empire
Starjammers – Independent house pirate super villain costume women crew
X-Corps – Mutant police squad
X-Statix – Unrelated group of mutants as media superstars
X-Treme Sanctions Govt (X.S.E.) – United Nations’ mutant regulation enforcement group

Alternate universe[edit]
Age of Apocalypse X-Men and splinter groups; Astonishing X-Men, Superb X-Men, Issue-X, X-Calibre, New Mutants, X-Ternals, Era Subsequent, Weapon X and Outcasts
Age of X – Alternate actuality team
Exiles – Multiverse and parallel dimension group
JLX – Marvel/DC Team – Amalgam Universe
Mutant X – Alternate reality crew led by Havok
Future X-Males – Future timeline X-Males in Battle of the Atom
Final X-Males – Ultimate Marvel Universe
X.S.E. & X.U.E. – Future timeline crew
X-Males 2099 – Marvel 2099 Universe
X-Nation 2099 – Marvel 2099 Universe
X-Patrol – Marvel/DC Group – Amalgam Universe (X-Force)
X-Folks – MC2 Universe
X-Treme X-Men – Alternate actuality workforce led by Dazzler

Record of X-Males enemies
List of X-Men enemy groups
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