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David S. Goyer To Probably Find yourself Writing SUPERMAN

Fast ahead 10 years sooner or later.
Superman is dead. (quick flashbacks to his battle with Doomsday)
His loss of life is a nationwide holiday.

Lex Luthor is president of the US and on the verge of being voted in as the primary president of earth.
Luthor has way back change into a bunch for Braniac. When Braniac made his first visit to the planet he selected its inhabitant with the highsest IQ.
Luthor still stays in management though, Braniac long ago been suppressed. Having the Braniac nanites inside of him has increased his intelligence tenfold.
He has used this enhanced mental capability to basically develop into the savior of the planet.
Ending drought in Africa, enhancing farming yields to unbelievable levels, making racism punishable by jail time, and so forth…
He even decreased world warming by creating a brand new atmospheric layer to cowl the breaches of ozone.
Lex Luthor has develop into the great benevolent dictator… the “destiny” that Superman all the time wrestled with for himself.
The individuals of America and the Earth revere and concern him at the same time.

The great Eradition Battle was fought between the super beings of earth and Lex’s discovery named the Eradicator.
A virtual clone of Superman that was Lex Luthors chief enforcer. He was finally defeated by a coalition of superheroes headed by Batman.
(montage of the battle between Batman and Eradicator displayed on Bruce Wayne’s pc) All superheroes have been eradicated or imprisoned through the warfare, save the few who have survived in the shadows.
Superman is their messiah, they await his resurrection. And Bruce takes it as his job to seek out the method to convey him again.

An outdated retired Bruce Wayne has the body of Superman in suspended animation. A type of coma.
Bruce is aware of the reality about what Lex has been doing all alongside, he is not as benevolent as he appears.
The truth about Lex is that his aim is to extend the worlds stargate phone cases population to its most capability.
Braniac would then use the collective brainpower of humanity as a mass storage system for himself.
Its revealed that Braniac has reached the bounds of his storage means, and has come to this planet in order to use is as a large hard drive.
He had previously completed this with the town of Kandor, shrinking them with a purpose to make his bio-storage gadget portable.

Superman is reborn when Bruce Wayne finally is able to figure out the controls of the Fortress of Solitudes healing device.
Lex has a plan in place, at all times one step forward he has refitted Metallo as his private anti-superman weapon. He is not any match for Superman.
Superman then confronts Lex in his White Home fortress.
As he meets Lex face to face he stargate phone cases notices the wrinkles in Lex’s face start to widen.
Terrified Lex screams in agony as he vainly wonders what is happening to him.
His pores and skin is pulled away from his physique to reveal the fully realized cybernetic green hued being we all know from the comics.
Lex Luther isn’t any extra, his incubation full, he is now BRANIAC.

Superman and BRANIAC battle, with BRANIAC in the end being defeated in fact.
BRANIACS last command was to open the gates to the Phantom Zone.
As BRANIAC’s body lay destroyed we see 3 black clothed beings come down from stargate phone cases the heavens.
The digital camera zooms in to reveal the face of Zod.

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