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Teen Titans Season 6

When there’s trouble, you still know who to name. The Teen Titans are again, but expanded than ever, with Titans East, North and South and each Titan on their team as all of them go in opposition to evil, espically Slade, who’s spirit is inside Jericho, who is actually his son. additionally they should show to the Justice League that they are often as dependable to the society without grownup supervision, additionally Robin is revealed to already have a girlfriend which hurts Starfire and she breaks up with him! In the Season finale, it was Ra’s al Ghul who was accountable for the Teen Titans enemies!

February 27, 2009

Teen Titans:

Robin (later changed to Nightwing) (Jonathan Frakes) – later revealed to be the true spy for star wars yearbook t shirt Slade!
Cyborg (Rocky Carroll)
Starfire (Jodi Benson)
Beast Boy (Greg Cipes)
Raven (Tara Robust)
Speedy (Thom Adcox)
Aqualad (Troy Baker)
Bumblebee (Cree Summer season)
Mas Y Menos (Thom Adcox)
Hot Spot (LeVar Burton)
Wildebeast (Frank Welker)
Thunder and Lightning (Eric Bauza & James Sie)
Jinx (Jennifer Hale)
Red Star (Phill Morris)
Kole and Gnnark (Colleen O’Shugenessy & Bill Faggerbakke)
Melvin, Teether, Timmy and Bobby (Tara Robust, Russi star wars yearbook t shirt Taylor)
Kid Flash (Adam Wylie)
Argent (Pat Musick)
Bushido (Eric Bauza)
Pantha (Maria Canals)
Herald (LeVar Burton)
Jericho (Matt Frewer)
Killowat (Townsend Coleman)
Traam (Carlos Alazraqui)
Wonder Girl (Lacey Chalbert)
Superboy (Greg Cipes)
Static (Khary Payton)
Blue Beetle (Thom Adcox Herendez)
Bombshell (Tara Sturdy)
Miss Martian (Danica McKeller)

Justice League
Batman (Steven Jay Blum)
Superman (Kevin Sorbo)
Marvel Girl (Tia Carrere)
Green Lantern (Steven Blum)
Aquaman (Christian Slater)
Green Arrow (Liem O’Brien)
Plastic Man (Tom Kenny)
Hawkgirl (Kari Wahlgren)
Martian Manhunter (Rick D. Wasserman)
Captain Marvel (Cam Clarke)
Flash (Christpher Daniel Barnes)
Vixen (CCH Pounder)

Slade (Jeremy Irons)
Ra’s al Ghul (Essential antagonist) (Graham McTavish)
The Legion of Doom – Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown)
Sinestro (Scottie Ray)
Cheetah (Cree Summer time)
Gorilla Grodd (Fred Tatasciore)
Solomon Grundy (Fred Tatasciore)
Black Manta (Michael Dorn)
Riddler (Charlie Adler)
Scarecrow (Charlie Adler)
Brainiac (Corey Burton)
Giganta (Kath Soucie)
Toyman (Tom Kenny)
Bizzaro (Kevin Sorbo)


    Actual thing (Season premire)
    Rise of star wars yearbook t shirt Ra’s al Ghul
    Reality hurts
    Honor amongst Friends
    Eyes of a Lover
    Secrets of RedX
    Time after Time
    Batman’s Metropolis

10. Justice for All

    Honor amongst Teenagers