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Worldwide Human Rights Day: Using Media And Tech For Social Justice

100% Cotton Batgirl and Catwoman Short Sleeve Customized Summer Children's T-shirtHuman Rights Day is celebrated each December tenth. It’s a day to acknowledge our inalienable rights and strengthen our resolve to face up and battle for these rights. While this yr introduced more than its justifiable share of human rights abuse tales, it additionally showcased the revolutionary and impactful ways that activists and human rights defenders are using media and expertise to shed light on injustices and name for change — from cellphone movies exposing horrific police violence in the US, to activists on Twitter demanding accountability for a crippling rubbish drawback in Beirut, to media collectives in Rio organizing Whatsapp groups to notify favela residents of nearby shootings.

Nevertheless, with main platforms like Facebook and Twitter constantly changing, and new apps emerging nearly each day, it’s often laborious to determine which of those instruments and strategies are the best match for a human rights advocacy marketing campaign or non-profit group, and it can be troublesome to navigate the moral dilemmas that arise when consuming and sharing social media.

Lately I used to be invited to discuss some of these challenges and successes with consultants from Justice League NYC, Global Citizen and the Undisclosed podcast. The dialog, moderated by Tara Conley of Race Forward, touched on the function of citizen journalism and mainstream media in instances of crises, the ethics of utilizing citizen media in reporting and advocacy, social media marketing campaign strategies, and working with celebrities to increase engagement.

Due to our buddies at audioBoom who organized the event and turned it into an hour-long podcast. The segments shall be released through December tenth. A selection of the accessible star wars t shirt kopen 400 segments of the dialogue are embedded below. As well as to each phase, we’re sharing relevant assets or articles from our organizations that may be helpful in your personal work.

Brandon Blackburn Dwyer (World Citizen) @Brandon_BD, @GlblCtzn
Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) @msladyjustice1, @NYjusticeleague
Tara Conley (Race Forward) @taralconley, @RaceForward
Susan Simpson (Undisclosed) @TheViewFromLL2, @Undisclosedpod
and we’re at @witnessorg, I’m @jackiezammuto

Highlight: “[Social media] amplifies what would occur anyway. And it–for each good and unhealthy–brings it from your living room, from your street nook, to a world stage.” – Brandon Blackburn Dwyer

Phase 2
Susan Simpson (Undisclosed), Jackie Zammuto (WITNESS), Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer (International Citizen) talk about the position that social media plays in the wake of world tragedies and other necessary events.

Related Assets: Read extra of what WITNESS has to say on this in topic on this blog post about Alyan Kurdi, Adam Ward and Alison Parker.

Phase three
Jackie Zammuto (WITNESS), Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) star wars t shirt kopen 400 and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer (Global Citizen) share their thoughts on how indie or extra neighborhood-originated media can praise, influence or keep away from the errors and bias of mainstream media.

Relevant Sources: Try WITNESS’ supplies on Acquiring Informed Consent, Video as Evidence and Moral Pointers for Using Eyewitness Video in Human Rights Reporting and Advocacy.

Segment four
Susan Simpson (Undisclosed) shares her ideas on whether or not her podcast is an instance of citizen journalism, and the ways wherein media at each degree is impacting the cases of people like Richard Glossip.

Relevant Resource: The Guardian highlighted the work of Undisclosed in this article “Serial, one 12 months later: websleuths keep making discoveries in Adnan Syed’s case”

Phase 5
Tara Conley (Race Forward) and Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) focus on how social media impacts the outcomes of protests and group interventions.

Relevant Useful resource: WITNESS’ tips on Filming Protests and Police Misconduct and Conducting Interviews

Section 6:
Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer (International Citizen) talk about which groups are using social media to broker change and whether or not social media is considerably different from mainstream media.

Highlight: “As we get used to social media, the identical way that we obtained used to newspapers within the 20th century, we’re going to have the same downside: what pops to the surface, what gets the eye It is going to no longer be editors at the brand new York Times making that call, it will be the mass public. However the mass public has proven to be simply as fallible on this as editors at the brand new York Instances.” – Brandon Blackburn Dwyer

Segment 7
Tara Conley (Race Ahead) asks the panelists to share their thoughts on the ethics of consuming and sharing content material on social media.

Relevant Useful resource: WITNESS’ Ethical Guidelines Guidelines: Key Questions to Ask Earlier than Sharing Eyewitness Footage

Segment 8
The dialog on the ethics of consuming and sharing content on social media continues, and the panelists look at the increasingly blurry strains between activists, journalists and private residents within an affected community.

Relevant Resource: This yr, folks in the US have repeatedly asked “What if there was no video ” — Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Phillip White, Laquan Mcdonald, and so on. See WITNESS’ analysis and assets on the position eyewitness video plays in instances of police violence in the US.

Section 9
Tara Conley (Race Forward), Jackie Zammuto (WITNESS), Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer star wars t shirt kopen 400 (International Citizen) talk about the professionals and cons of paid promotion and sponsored advertisements on social media. Does the commercialization of a movement dilute its message

Highlight: “We typically walk a tense line of ‘will we use platforms which are extra in-line with our values ‘ or ‘do we go the place the individuals are ‘ when attempting to get out a message to a broader viewers.” – Jackie Zammuto

Section 10
Jackie Zammuto (WITNESS), Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC) and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer (World Citizen) discuss working with celebrities to extend engagement and increase consciousness about human rights points.
Related Resource: The Wall Avenue Journal coated how Justice League NYC collaborated with Jayz Z to get the Brooklyn Nets to put on the Eric Garner quote “I can not Breath” t-shirts.