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Captain Marvel Villains Would be the Skrulls; Set In the 2017s

Captain Marvel is fairly far in the distance, and it lands form of awkwardly in the MCU. It doesn’t arrive till 2019, and it’s sandwiched between two Avengers movies. So how is Marvel planning to handle this tremendous-powered character and the place she suits in the whole MCU It turns out, she’s been here this complete time—her first film is ready previously.

At today’s Marvel panel at Comic-Con, the studio revealed that Captain Marvel takes place within the nineteen nineties. It will likely be the primary Marvel film since Captain America: The primary Avenger to not star wars t shirt forever 21 return take place in the current day (flashbacks in other Marvel films aside), and it ought to make for star wars t shirt forever 21 return an fascinating spin on not solely the MCU, but additionally where Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) components in. Basically, the character can come out before the time Tony Stark principally launched a world of superheroes, however keep her distant enough (her battles are usually cosmic) that nobody is questioning why she hasn’t shown up in any of the earlier Marvel movies.

Image via Marvel Comics
Additionally, as a result of the movie takes place in the 90s and entails Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), this Fury might be sans eye-patch. He’s bought two functioning peepers at this point in the MCU, however I’m curious to see what kind of particular person he’s. Moreover, I’m wondering if they’re going to do any digital de-aging since Iron Man takes place in 2008. If you’re questioning how they’re going to deliver Larson into future Marvel movies with out aging her up, they can simply chalk up her youth to her superpowers (Captain Marvel has tons and many powers). They may additionally simply stick her in suspended animation a la Captain America.

Lastly, it was revealed that the villains in the film will be the Skrulls. The Skrulls have been critical opponents within the Marvel Comics, and the intergalactic race has given loads of headaches to Marvel heroes. They’re most notable for their skill to shapeshift, which makes them formidable adversaries.

What do you consider the nineties setting Are you excited to see the Skrulls within the MCU Sound off within the feedback section.

Captain Marvel opens March eight, 2019. For all of our SDCC protection, click on here.