Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episode 6 Evaluation: Flight Of The Defender

4.6 Flight Of The Defender

Flight Of The Defender was a very mystical episode, adding among the much less definable features of the Power to a fun, excessive-vitality adventure. From an opening through which exposition is smoothed out by the presence of a pack of loth-cats, Flight Of The Defender barrels along with largely satisfying contributions from Thrawn and Pryce and an ending that certain to depart plenty of questions. It a really Dave Filoni episode.

On this case, which means it stuffed with joy and wonderfully self-indulgent animals. The precise core of the story begins when Sabine decides, pretty sensibly, that the easiest technique to transport the physical data disks on the experimental TIE Defender is to steal the whole hyperdrive-outfitted ship out of the yard just as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Pryce arrive for a tour. The loth-cats had my roommate and that i laughing out loud, particularly since there no suggestion that the stormtroopers have an curiosity in being good to them it simply time for the loth-cats to take down some Imperials.

The actual star of the episode is the loth-wolf, though, which ideas the episode firmly over into excessive fantasy territory and seems to have some type of affinity for Force users. Though the thick fur doesn fairly translate into the blocky Rebels type, the barely reptilian design of the wolf is so very wonderfully anime. Dave Filoni has been working wolf motifs into Star Wars since the Clone Wars, and drew inspiration from the film Princess Mononoke for Ahsoka design, so the wolf is clearly something he needed to show for a while. I e embraced it.

Ezra naturally works well with animals, and it was very cool to see Lothal represented in this respect by both the roly-poly cats and the majestic wolf, which patiently endures its smaller mates. Questions remain: Is the wolf some Power-remodeled model of or avatar of Ahsoka, because the fan theories claim? I don assume so, but the wolf does appear to have a connection to each Kanan and Ezra, if the subtitles clarifying ume out of oom are any indication.

Let again up a bit. The previous episode, The Occupation, showed the environmental wreckage of Lothal, grey smoke piling up in front of a sickly orange solar. The fields further outdoors town appear to be doing higher, but I think about Ezra is apprehensive about these too. The presence of Thrawn and Pryce adds tension to the mission, which might have quickly gown downhill with out them and turns into almost humorously disastrous with. I particularly liked Thrawn utter calmness, even when faced with the TIE Defender itself. A number of times he signifies that he can inform who flying just by their ability level, and that the ship itself is compensating for the pilots inexperience. At first I thought he was standing out in front of it because he knew the pilots didn know what they have been doing, but it feels like he just had that much moxie.

In distinction, Pryce reveals a lot more emotion and doesn have as a lot to do as Thrawn does. The fury in her eyes when Ezra lands right in front of her is almost sufficient characterization to fulfill me for your complete episode, but I nonetheless need a bit extra about how she feels about Lothal favored son returning to the fold in such dramatic fashion. (I don exactly think he prodigal, but to Pryce, he did dwell a life of crime ) Her anger and her determination to offer Lothal to the Empire more ever day makes her frightening.

For her half, Sabine yet again uses the enemy weapons against them. I unsure that is purported to be this deep, however I was reminded once more that the Empire would have been keen to use her Mandalorian-killer in opposition to her. For now, her hijacking of the TIE Defender is portrayed as a detailed call and a victory. I glad this episode didn repeat the form of ethical classes we e seen from Ezra earlier than, the place a younger character does something only barely more harmful than the Rebels typical and will get referred to as out for being rash. Sabine remains to be extra experienced at the mechanical facet of things than Ezra is, and the episode simply lets her do her job for some time. The dialog about how far she and Ezra are willing to go to do this job has already been had. Whereas the morality of it all is still a bit of muddled remember how she spared some Imperials just to go away them to die? the adventure story works just advantageous.

Sabine also gets to indicate some real expertise nerd joy when she discovers that the TIE Defender has a navicomputer, which implies that the Rebels don should cart a knowledge disk, Rogue One fashion, again to Yavin 4. It additionally means the ship is even more harmful than they thought.

The starfighter combat was respectable, with the lack of texture on Lothal ground really hurting the scene chance at being atmospheric although the TIE Defender strikes themselves have been pretty slick. I kept wanting for the way the shadows of the rocks fell over the grass, and all of it looked fairly flat. I really like that the Imperials would have predicted it was Hera flying the ship, though.

Between these two episodes, I’ve high hopes that Filoni and firm have planned for more connections between season four and the remainder of the collection. ll paths are coming collectively now, Kanan says, and while it unclear whether or not this is a specific premonition or a basic Power sense of destiny, I can see the identical taking place within the writing. Flight Of The Defender was an exciting Star Wars story, and the layers of references to different parts of the present helped make it feel much more so. Let hope they keep this up.

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