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Base Of Operations

Real Title: Richard Rider.
Different Aliases: Nova-Prime of Xandar.
Marital Standing: Single.
Known Relations: Charles (father), Gloria (mom), Robert (brother), Dr. Ralph Rider (uncle, deceased).
Group Affiliation: Champions of Xandar.
Base Of Operations: Lengthy Island, NY.
Peak: 5’9” Weight: 145 lbs Age: 17 because the sequence begins.
Eyes: Brown Hair: Gentle brown

Powers and abilities
Nova has pretty high ranges of superhuman energy and sturdiness (though he’s not a major brick ). He is able to deflect high calibre bullets and small explosives with out injury.

He can fly at nice speeds, in excess of the pace of sound (770 miles per hour), by travelling alongside electron paths. He can be able to intergalactic journey, being able to open an area warp for himself when travelling along an electron path, permitting him to journey over a hundred million light years in lower than quarter of an hour. He also can use his pace to each vibrate and propel himself, enabling him to tunnel underground.

His uniform features a transparent plate that slides down from his helmet each time he’s uncovered to water, vacuum, and so forth. This offers him with an impartial oxygen recycling system, which might provide 15 minutes of air.

It additionally allows him to obtain most types of radio waves, protects him from extremes of temperature, and the lenses allow him to see in darkness, and supply a degree of protection from shiny lights.

Curiously, Nova can nearly elevate a car – whereas the energy he demonstrates in other functions comparable to preventing or breaking stuff appears to be within the “Class 50” range. The sport stats in this text assume a penalty when lifting things.

Richard Rider was an bizarre adolescent living in Lengthy Island, NY – until the galactic menace Zorr got here to Earth. Zorr, whose homeworld had been ravaged by Galactus, was searching for the vitality of other worlds to replenish these of his demolished planet. One of the worlds he first attacked, and pretty much destroyed, was Xandar.

Xandar was protected by a corps of superhuman legislation enforcers and soldiers, the Nova Corps, commanded by centurion Nova Prime. Even these forces proved unable to cease Zorr, and Nova Prime was fatally wounded. Zorr left to ravage another world to star wars kanji shirt save his own, but the dying Nova-Prime chased him all the strategy to Earth.

Cloaking his ship and parking it in orbit, the centurion sent his powers to an star wars kanji shirt Earthling so one other attempt could be made to stop Zorr. The energy plunged Rider into a days-long coma. During this time his body was restructured and Nova-Prime telepathically briefed him.

Nova-Prime’s revenge
However, Rider determined that it had been a dream and forgot about the knowledge. This notion was quickly proved incorrect, when the teenager discovered that he could flip into a robust Nova centurion, full with uniform.

Richards’ first battled to confront Zorr as he began rampaging on Earth. This gave Nova-Prime the opportunity he had been ready. The lawman teleported Zorr to his ship and expanded the final of his life force to kill him.

Again on Earth, Rider was left puzzled as to the place his overwhelming opponent had disappeared. He would study the truth however months later.

The human rocket
Richard continued to explore his energy as Nova. He went out on patrols, in search of crime to battle. He quickly encounters the Condor and his reluctant servant, Powerhouse, once they try to rob a museum. After a troublesome battle, Nova captures Powerhouse, though the Condor, angry at his servant, had already fled the scene.

Nova later came throughout the would-be-crimelord Diamondhead, fleeing the scene of a robbery. Their battle ended with Nova believing that Diamondhead had been destroyed.

Rider’s first encounter with another superhero was with Thor. However, Thor was below the affect of the Corruptor at the time. He attacked Nova once they met and Rider tried to introduce himself. Thankfully the Corruptor’s hold over Thor broke and the two heroes teamed up, tracked him down and caught him.

Crimson glare
After stopping Tyrannus from burying New York, Nova once more crosses paths with the Condor. The villain has teamed up with Diamondhead, as they rescue Powerhouse from police custody. They handle to subdue Nova. They take him again to the Condor’s Aerie, the place the Condor learns the source of Nova’s powers, and that a space ship from the superior civilization that provided the powers is in orbit close to Earth.

Condor makes use of his technology to quickly brainwash Nova into stealing parts he needs to create a craft able to reaching the Xandarian ship.

With this completed, the four travel to the Xandarian ship, the place Condor searches for weapons they can use in opposition to the Sphinx. Nova overcomes the effects of the brainwashing, but the Condor, having got what he wanted from Nova, decides not to repeat the method.

The three villains escape before Nova can fully get better, leaving him on the Xandarian ship, which they set on a course back to Xandar.

From Xandar to Megaman
Nova makes contact with the computer intelligence controlling the ship, which tells him some of the history of the source of his powers, and returns the ship to Earth orbit.

Before sending Nova back to Earth, it also reveals him pictures of scenes occurring on Earth. One of the trio of villains who had abandoned him, assaulting one of the Sphinx’s bases, and another, of one in all Richard Rider’s associates, who had been lacking for a few days, chained to underground pipes, with rising water levels threatening to drown him.

As Nova races back to Earth, he arrives just in time to avoid wasting Roger’s life. He soon learns that Roger was kidnapped by his uncle, who, disappearing after an accident he blamed Roger for, had not too long ago returned as the monstrous Megaman. Megaman once more sought Roger, later that night, and Roger fled, ending up at Richard’s house looking for help.

Megaman caught up with him there, and Nova again fought him, however was forced to let him take Roger, when Megaman set hearth to the Rider’s house, whereas Richard’s mother and father and brother have been inside.

When Nova eventually caught as much as Megaman, he and Roger had made peace, but Megaman had lost his temper upon seeing his “widow” with one other man. They battled again, nevertheless it was interrupted when the entity which had altered Megaman arrived and took him back to the future.

Peril of the Sphinx!
After foiling the Firefly’s arson marketing campaign, Nova once more encountered Condor, Diamondhead and Powerhouse. They were attacking one of the Sphinx’s secret bases. The Condor caught Nova in a shrinking force bubble, and by the time Rider had freed himself, Diamondhead had been buried in a mountainside. Nova returned to the battle, going up towards Powerhouse, who overwhelmed him.

The Sphinx, who had simply turned the Condor into a mindless, actual, condor, arrived just as Nova fell. He subdued Powerhouse, taking them both captive. Scanning his thoughts, he discovered of the Xandarian house craft, and the advanced laptop intelligence inside, deciding that it can be vital for his targets.

He wiped Richard’s memory of being Nova, and returned him to his life. But Nova’s thoughts was too sturdy, and he soon shook off the effects, forcing the Sphinx to confront him again. Despite the one-sided battle which ensued, Nova’s unwillingness to give up impressed the Sphinx enough that he decided to let Nova reside, teleporting away to proceed his quest.

He fights crime !
His time as Nova had affected Richard’s academic studies. He was sent to get extra tuition from his uncle, Dr. Ralph Rider, a highly revered scientist. He arrived, nonetheless, to find his uncle lifeless at the hands of a costumed criminal generally known as Photon, and the police trying to discover which of the guests was Photon.

Investigating the crime as Nova, Richard had an initial misunderstanding with Spider-Man. As Peter Parker, Spidey had been learning in Dr. Rider’s library. But then the 2 teamed up to try to discover the actual killer. It was found that the other company had been a shady businessman, star wars kanji shirt an agent of Intention, and a member of the Maggia, who have been all trying to get the physician to sell his newest creation.

After one other homicide, a chase after the three suspects, and a clash with some Intention agents, the pair found that the Maggia member, Jason Dean, was actually Photon. He managed to overcome the both of them, and the pair were chained to a huge anchor and dropped in the ocean. They escaped, and returned to Dr. Rider’s house the place they again confronted Photon, this time capturing him.

Crimebuster and Sandman
Preventing a financial institution robbery by the Sandman, Nova met Crimebuster. Crimebuster was making his first public appearance, although he had operated in secret for some time.

Nova again came into battle with the Sandman when he interfered in the villains try and kidnap the Wakandan scientist, Doctor T’Kora. The Sandman received, and both Nova and the doctor have been taken captive by the Sandman and his mysterious grasp. Managing to flee from the loss of life-trap they left him in, Nova once more came into conflict with the Sandman when he tried to kidnap a classmate of Richard Rider.

This time Nova managed to capture the Sandman in a cement mixer, imprisoning him as concrete.
Working for the Man

Not long afterwards, Nova was recruited by Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, who needed assist appearing in opposition to the Sandman’s master, the Yellow Claw. The Claw, conscious that they were after him, despatched a swarm of agents to attack them. The pair had been taken as captives to the Claw’s underwater base, the place they have been fastened onto a neutron warhead which is fired at a authorities spy satellite tv for pc.

Earlier than it will probably strike its goal, the missile is taken over by Physician Solar, who redirects it in direction of Washington. Nova manages to divert its flight path, crashing it into the Potomac. Fury manages to trace down the Claw’s base, and the 2 of them efficiently infiltrate it, freeing the captive scientists.

When the Claw launches a tidal wave towards New York, Fury races back there to lead SHIELD in battling it, whereas Nova tracks down and battles the Yellow Claw. Overcoming the Claws psychological attacks, Nova had the villain on the ropes, but the Claw used a fast illusion to grant him the seconds needed to flee.

Whereas on patrol, Nova was attacked by Blackout, whose paranoia made him consider the superhero had been looking for him. Leaving Nova encase in a dense syrupy darkforce assemble, Blackout flees. Nova frees himself, but is unable to find Blackout.

Later that day, Nova investigates unnatural storms lashing the area, and discovers that they’ve been caused by Blackout. The two fight once more, and the battle destroys the stabilizer which controls Blackout’s powers. Without it Blackout fades from view, his atoms altering into gentle waves.

Day of the Screens, half 1
When a silent giant seems in Manhattan, Nova, unable to affect it, goes looking for assist. With the Avengers out of city, Nova tries to get assist from the Implausible Four. The Thing, the only member at house joins him, and they attack the large.

They are quickly approached by Milandra, a 10 foot tall lady. She claims to have been a prisoner and energy-supply of the enormous alien Monitor, having simply woken from captivity. Milandra additionally tells them that there are another two Screens additionally arrived on Earth, each with one in every of her sisters as captive.

She reveals that the Displays travelling from planet to planet, judging their worthiness to continue present, and destroying them once they inevitably fail. They accompany her in making an attempt to free her sisters, but their attempt is found by one of the Monitors. The alien teleports Nova to a distant galaxy, over a hundred million mild-years from Earth, in orbit around a star going supernova.

Day of the Displays, half 2
Flying away from the exploding star as quick as he can, Nova manages to latch onto the electrons shooting from the nova, allowing him to travel at even higher speeds. He goes fast sufficient to challenge himself through an area warp, allowing him to achieve Earth before his quarter-hour air supply is used up.

Nova and the Factor proceed to battle the Screens, alongside the freed sisters, who’re revealed to be the developed consciousnesses of the Screens ships.

Two of the Screens are destroyed, and the third, who had secretly launched Milandra in the first place, having grown bored with destruction, agrees to return with the sisters to his homeworld. He wants to try to convince his people to cease their ’monitoring‘ activities.

Father issues
For a while, Richard’s father had problems, getting fired from his job as a headmaster, which resulted in cash issues, leaving him indebted to the criminal Internal Circle. He gets arrested finishing up a task for them, however makes a deal to tell the authorities the whole lot in exchange for immunity. He stupidly goes to the Internal Circle to tell them he has turned in opposition to them, and is taken prisoner.

Upon studying what his father has accomplished, Nova desperately searches for him. He finally tracks down the Internal Circle’s secret base, where his thoughts-controlled father is injured after making an attempt to shoot Nova. Nova discovers that the Inner Circle is controlled by the Corruptor, now more in charge of himself than their previous encounter.

The Corruptor flees, and Nova gets his father to safety. With his father recovered, and his family closer collectively, Nova reveals his dual identification to them.

Responding to a robbery, Nova is ambushed by Diamondhead, who leaves him buried beneath a collapsed wall, believing him useless. Nova frees himself, and attacks Diamondhead, only to be overwhelmed once more.

Rider is left trapped and unconscious once more, till freed by the Comet. The Comet is an old super hero from the ’50s, who had simply returned to duty. The pair track down Diamondhead’s base and assault him, but Diamondhead is once more victorious, and Nova is left unconscious.

The Satan Physician
When he wakes, he discovers himself captive of Physician Sun. His attempt to flee is fruitless, and Sun soon teleports them both to the Xandarian spaceship. There, they are confronted by the Sphinx. The Sphinx simply resists their attacks, and publicizes that he will probably be utilizing the ship to travel again to its residence galaxy.

The Sphinx manages to realize control of Nova, and sends the reluctant hero to Earth to locate the amnesiac Powerhouse. Nova simply finds him, and his look restores Powerhouse’s memory of his time on Earth, leading him to assault Nova. Nova manages to subdue him, just as Comet and Crimebuster arrive, having been looking for the missing Nova.

They are caught in the beam the Sphinx sends to collect Nova and Powerhouse. The 4 of them are thus transported to the Xandarian ship, together with Diamondhead who had stowed away on board Crimebuster’s Crime Pod. When Powerhouse recovers consciousness, seeing the ship restores the remainder of his reminiscences, before he arrived on Earth, and he remembers that he was a Xandarian.

The Sphinx forces his reluctant crew to accompany him on the journey to Xandar.
Battle towards the Skrulls

They reach Xandar, discovering that, following Zorr’s assault, it still survived as four synthetic planetoids. They arrive throughout a Skrull invasion, and the Sphinx takes advantage of the state of affairs to extract the data he requires from the Xandarian computers. Becoming empowered by this, he leaves, abandoning the others, who help the Xandarian defence.

Nova, Comet, Crimebuster, Diamondhead and Powerhouse spent a number of months helping struggle the Skrulls, earning the name Champions of Xandar.

Diamondhead, Crimebuster and the Comet accompany the Nova Corps on a foray in opposition to the Skrulls. Their mile-long Nova ship seems to returns to Xandar, however it is actually crewed by Skrulls. Once via Xandarian defences, they shapechange back and attack. Nova, Powerhouse and Rom help the Xandarian civilians resist the invasion, and Nova attacks the ship directly, breaching the hull.

He fights and expels Diamondhead, who has allied with the Skrulls, letting them board the ship. Crimebuster discovered this and was killed by Skrull troopers in entrance of the Comet. Immediately, the Comet and all the Nova Corps had been banished to another dimension by Diamondhead, using on-board lifesaving tools.

The bloodthirsty Skrulls disliked this and blamed Diamondhead for preventing them from killing their enemies. Still, the alliance held.

After Nova positive factors management of his ship, he summons again the Chanpions and the Nova Corps. The Xandarian forces win, and the surviving Skrulls are arrested. Diamondhead is left drifting in space.

Nova… no extra !
Having been absent from Earth for almost a yr, Nova was getting homesick. Since all of the nova-force was required to bolster Xandar’s defences, Nova was advised that he would have to forfeit his powers if he left.

He reluctantly agreed, and was teleported again to Earth, powerless.
See illustrations.

Rider was originally a loser high school student. While shiny he felt that he excelled at nothing, both in class or outdoors of it. Rider was liable to whining about it in typical teenager vogue (and constantly cursing his “bad luck” regardless of a certain lack of evidence for it).

He was likewise uncertain of himself in his position as superhero, although he made extra of an effort to hide it while in costume.

Nonetheless, as his career progressed, he grew to become more assured as his successes continued, and this additionally began to affect his Richard Rider persona.

“Y‘know, flying like this gives a guy the arrogance he needs to really feel like he can say or do anything… which implies it provides me the confidence to suppose I’m nearly pretty much as good as everybody else. Instead of just being Richard Rider, boy nothing !”

“Sorry, frog-face ! You’ll have to intention better next time… or you’ll never make it as the next catfish hunter !”

“Blue blazes !” (His favorite exclamation by far)
“I sure hope you’re speaking about me, sweetums. I’d wish to think our battle yesterday gave you something greater than the terminal tee-hee’s !”

“Thanks for the rebound shot, Thor. I owe this creep for underrating me… calling me a mere child ! Heck ! I’ve been paying the adult prices on the movies for years now !”

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Nova (Traditional era)

Digging: 05, Flight: 09, Flight (Intergalactic): 84, Pores and skin Armour: 03
Bonuses and Limitations:

– Digging is Contingent Upon Flight (-1).
– Flight (Intergalactic) only works when outside of a planetary ambiance (-2).