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Is There Any Significance To Stan Lee’s Cameo In The Incredible Hulk

In The Incredible Hulk (2008), Stan Lee’s cameo is more associated to the plot than his other cameos. There a scene where Bruce hurts himself within the factory and spills some blood, he freaks out star trek shirts for sale winnipeg and stops the production line to examine the bottles. He cleans up some blood from the conveyor belt, however a dramatic digital camera pan shows the audience that a star trek shirts for sale winnipeg few of it ended up in a bottle. Next factor is Stan Lee’s cameo where he drinks from that bottle (are we even positive it’s the same one It’s only implied I believe) and he collapses. There some information story in the background in a later scene about it, but that is all we get.

Men's Print Civil War Falcon Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIt appears bizarre, was the only point of the factory scene to set up a 15 second cameo I really feel like there’s some significance I am missing, maybe it’s a reference to something within the comics A deleted scene that goes extra into this

His other cameos are actually just that, easy cameos, however this one is expounded to the plot. I used to be really questioning the whole film what would occur with that old man who drank the Hulk’s blood, however I acquired nothing…