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Present Returns In January With Krypton, Martian Manhunter And Toyman Storylines

With the “Supergirl” midseason finale, viewers finally discovered the backstory between Kara and her aunt Astra. Supergirl’s identity was also revealed after Kara once once more got here to Cat Grant’s rescue.

Within the not too long ago aired “Hostile Takeover” episode, Kara’s hesitation toward harming Astra was revealed. Again in Krypton, the two had been very shut and Astra had loved Kara like her own daughter. Sadly, along with her husband Non, Astra did evil things to fight for Krypton’s survival. Kara was devastated to study her mother’s possible role in the destruction of her dwelling planet.

Kara additionally had to deal with a disaster at CatCo Worldwide Media after Cat Grant’s emails had been hacked. Along with Winn and James, they went through all of Cat’s emails to see if there have been any incriminating emails. Kara asked about Adam Foster, who Cat admitted to be her firstborn son. After Kara came to her star trek pride shirt zero rescue and resolved the disaster, Cat started to piece together info and realized that Kara is none other than Supergirl.

The finale also ended in a cliffhanger with Astra in DEO’s custody and Kara going head-to-head in opposition to Non. The outcome of the battle will probably be revealed in January.

“After we come back, we’ve got one among out coolest fights that we’ve finished to kick off the episode,” mentioned govt producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Kreisberg revealed that the upcoming episodes will also have flashbacks to Krypton, including Astra and Non’s trial. With every part that she has realized about Krypton, Kara is feeling actually misplaced.

Whereas the storyline with Astra and Non is bound to offer numerous drama, the upcoming episodes will even have some comedic breaks given that Cat has lastly discovered that Kara is Supergirl and Kara will quickly learn of Hank’s true identification as J’onn J’onzz. The upcoming episodes may even deal with the star trek pride shirt zero Martian Manhunter storyline with flashbacks into J’onn’s past.

It was also revealed that the show will introduce Toyman, Winn’s evil supervillain father. Though Winn has all the time been a cheerful-go-lucky man, he has struggled with the fact that he was born from a really darkish place. Kara and Winn will get nearer as they deal with this challenge.

“There’s some stuff that comes up in that episode that is going to change their dynamic eternally,” Kreisberg added.

“Supergirl” returns on Monday, Jan. 4, at eight p.m. ET on CBS.

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