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Defenders Of Voltron Chapter 1: Intro, A Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfic

Men's Print Blue Beetle Short Sleeve T-ShirtOn planet Voltron, all the kingdoms were dwelling in peace and harmony till the murder of King Alfor. Now, ten years later, over half the planet is ruled by the war driven Galran Empire. There has been no signal of the lions or the paladins that when made up the Defenders of silver surfer tshirt Voltron, and hopes of freedom are sinking for all.

That’s till the lions present up on the doorstep of the Altean Castle with their new paladins. It’s up to Princess Allura, Royal Advisor Coran, and the five paladins- Shiro, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Keith- together with their lions- Black, Blue, Yellow, Inexperienced, and Pink- to cease Zarkon and free the kingdoms he’s taken over.

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Cover Art originally by tumblr consumer Afterdarkpark (A Hell Broke Unfastened). All credit goes to her, I simply edited it.

I don’t own Voltron: Legendary Defender. If I did, I would not be writing fanfiction would I That being said, a number of quick issues that you must know about this AU:

Lions are rumored to be extinct. ALL lions. The final time any had been seen was with the unique Voltron crew (who died).

Right here, Voltron isn’t a robot, and Defender of Voltron is a crew title. It is still made of five main members bonded to particular person lions, however the lions are normal sized, if not just a little larger.

There’s an Altean Kingdom and it’s neighboring kingdom, the Galran Empire needs to take over the world. Pretty much, each planet they visit in the present is a special kingdom. Teams like the Olkari live on a special continent.

For the start, the story line type of follows that silver surfer tshirt of the show. There may be elements the place I just skip over a couple of weeks/months and it’s just because I do not feel like rewriting that episode(s), or it does not work with the AU plot.