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Is Silver Surfer Evil Or Good

Is silver surfer evil or good
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Silver Surfer Good Or Bad

schwenck · 1 12 months in the past
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here’s the deal, Silver Surfer made a pact to save his world he would become Galactus Herald to help him discover planets. through the years he grew cold and lonely and saw no level helping because of the pact he made. Till he arrive on Earth where he battled the Fanastic Four (Comedian E book Version) Is the Thing landed a punch and he fell into Alica Masters room who helped him connect with his humanity and he fought Galactus and as punishment Galactus put a barrier across the Earth that the Silver Surfer couldn’t escape from inprisoning him on a planet that mostly feared him. So to answer He is a great man that had to reminded he is a very good man.

jwings19 · 1 decade ago
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Silver Surfer Actual name: Norrin Radd Occupation: Adventurer Identification: Public Legal standing: Citizen of Zenn-La with no criminal file. Place of start: Zenn-La Group Affiliation: Former member of the DEFENDERS First look: Improbable 4, Vol. 1 #forty eight History: Norrin Radd – former hearald of the mega-tyrant Galactus, supply his life to protect his native planet, placing him in the service of Galactus as a silver suited sentinal. As a galaxy cruising protector endowned with superhuman strength, he’s in a position to control and direct cosmic energies, with enough power to destroy a city. After visiting Earth, the Surfer finally betrayed Galactus and refused to provide his world-devouring appetite. His punishement was confinement to earth – however he escaped and presently soars the starways as a universal protector. Peak: 6 ft. Four in. Weight: Unknown Eyes: White Hair: None Recognized superhuman powers: The Silver Surfer can endow himself with Class 100 power, enabling him to elevate (press) over 100 tons. He possesses the power Cosmic which he can use to generate highly effective drive blasts or to rearrange molecules. The Surfer travels on a “surfboard” which responds to his mental commands and is as indestructible as he’s. He has a royal blue superman t shirt 2017 Cosmic Consciousness which permits him royal blue superman t shirt 2017 to feel vitality around him.

Barbara · 2 years in the past
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He was both when he labored with galatcus he was evil. But he got here to earth he was good and betrayed galatcus

Ml · 1 decade ago
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He is just a man who does his job. He works for a very powerful evil however.
heavy_cow · 1 decade ago
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in the beginning he was unhealthy—however solely as a result of he was mislead by Galatus….BTW which silver surver are you refering to cause theres multiple

weapondrift · 1 decade in the past
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Yes he fought The hulk and the teen titans

Anonymous · 2 years in the past
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· just now

I believe he is just not evil.
He is simply very misunderstood.