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Poison Ivy – Poison Oak – Poison Sumac

Contact with poison ivy is probably robin girl shirt 2017 the most frequent causes of skin rash in kids in the course of the spring, summer season, and fall seasons. The resins of these plants, referred to as urushiol, cause robin girl shirt 2017 an allergic response in greater than 50% of the inhabitants. Exposure to the smoke of those burning plants can cause the same reaction.

Poison ivy might be found in each region of the United States except the Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. It appears as a weed with three shiny green leaves and a red stem. The plant grows within the form of a vine, typically alongside riverbanks.

Poison oak is primarily found on the West Coast. It grows in the form of a shrub and has three leaves just like poison ivy.

Poison sumac grows abundantly along the Mississippi River, but is much less frequent in different regions. It grows as a shrub. Every stem contains 7 – 13 leaves organized in pairs.

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