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The Flash Is completed With Speedster Villains

While we’ve recognized the primary villain in season 4 wouldn’t be a speedster for some time, this reveal appears to indicate The Flash has moved previous the concept altogether. After three seasons of speedster villains, it’s possible few fan will probably be upset by this information.


Beginning with the Reverse-Flash, every season of The Flash has featured a big unhealthy with Pace Force powers that seem to eclipse Barry’s. Season 2 introduced the sinister Zoom into the fold, far outstripping robin friday t shirt 15 Barry’s speed. Season three upped the anti, with an evil future time remnant version of Barry named Savitar, who gave the impression to be all however unstoppable. And in between those three, Trajectory and the Rival continued the theme of super-fast rogues. (Even Music Meister possessed super-velocity.)

Along with the villain news, Pedotwitz made clear that the new season would harken again to the lightness of the early years of the show. We’ve heard earlier than that season 4 will likely be fun once more, but the continuous reiteration of it highlights just how a lot The Flash is aiming to course-correct. Hopefully, the entire adjustments will repay when the present returns this fall.