Rent Fantastic 4 (2017) For DVD

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The Fantastic Four series gets a reboot with a model-new take on Marvel’s beloved First Family. Sporting a youthful cast, the basics of the origin story survive on this latest adaptation. Scientist Reed Richards (Miles Teller) leads his workforce into an alternate universe, unwittingly bestowing each of them with superpowers. Reed transforms into Mr. Unbelievable, gaining the power of an elastic, stretchy body. Sue Storm (Kate Mara) turns into Invisible Girl. Her brother, Johnny Storm Men’s Custom The Last Jedi Star Wars Short Sleeve T Shirts (Michael B. Jordan), turns into the Human Torch. Reed’s finest buddy, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), finds himself transformed right into a monstrous, rock-skinned strongman referred to as the Thing. Collectively, they must crew up and study to harness their newfound powers, so as to stop the evil machinations of their rival Physician Doom.

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