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Voice Compare: Flash – Flash / Barry Allen

Of the old schoolers, Jack Angel is the worst. A little too power rangers zeo shirt 3d bland. Ted Knight and Ray Owens are surprisingly good though. They have a pleasant sense of earnestness and humor.

Charlie Schlatter has a pleasant contact with the fast talking, but he sounds a bit too light to me. A bit too dorky, not sufficient charm. NPH is, as all the time, nice, but I will ceaselessly associate his voice with Nightwing. Talesin is /manner/ too critical and generic. Tudyk is ideal; intelligent, friendly, caring, with a goofy sense of humor. It could’ve been simple too to use a similar voice to Inexperienced Arrow, however he has this contact to it that differentiates them. Bauza is /too/ goofy. He feels like… properly, a cartoon character, as an alternative of the releatable goof he’s. Eads is okay, but one thing about his voice would not hit home, particularly during the quips. Schultz is /approach/ too deep, and sounds downright creepy and villainous. Possibly more of a Zoom or Reverse Flash.

Rosenbaum is Wally. Plain and easy. I simply cannot hear this as Barry. JAT is too light, imo, and sounds too much like his typical power rangers zeo shirt 3d voice. Nothing that really provides it an unique Barry touch. Neal’s a fav, and i can see why. It’s a superb performance. good delivery with serious and comedic traces. However ultimately, his voice is simply too deep for me, and would not fairly have that earnest dork contact I search for in my Barry voice. Chambers is improbable. Emotional and fitting. Might’ve achieved a bit higher with quips, but nonetheless. And Gorham is okay, but with the material, he would not get to actually shine.
In conclusion
15. Jack Angel
14. Dwight Schultz
thirteen. Talesin Jaffe
12. Ted Knight
eleven. Ray Owens
10. Eric Bauza
9. Christopher Gorham
eight. Michael Rosenbaum
7. George Eads
6. James Arnold Taylor
5. Charlie Schlatter
4. Neil power rangers zeo shirt 3d Patrick Harris
3. Neal McDonough
2. Justin Chambers
1. Alan Tudyk
ReplyLogan Wayne
said at 10:Fifty one AM on Tue Jan 17 2017
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@Bookman230 Michael Rosenbaum voiced Wally West within the DCAU, but within the film “Justice League: Doom,” his character was the Barry Allen Flash.
mentioned at 12:27 AM on Wed Jan 18 2017
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@Logan Wayne Uh, sure I never denied that. What I’m saying is that his voice for Barry sounds method too much like Wally for me to listen to it as a separate character, particularly when he has far more materials as Wally by advantage of Justice League being a present. There’s nothing about his performance that feels especially Barry to me.
mentioned at 9:Fifty two PM on Sun Aug thirteen 2017
@Bookman230 Properly, I am gonna should make an amendment right here. I maintain that in MK vs DC Talesin was boring, generic, and too darkish… but in Injustice 2, he _rocks_ it as Barry. The dorkiness, the earnest dedication, the idealism, the empathy, and the mental side is all there. And, by virtue of Injustice 2’s story, he even will get to sort out a notice of Barry most actors don’t get to: Barry as an atoner, making an attempt to make up for his previous sins. Not to mention the good chemistry he has with Captain Cold. Talesin captures all of Barry’s classic notes and even pulls off some new ones. He goes from the close to bottom of my list straight as much as the top.