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The Water Only Hair Washing Technique – Do Or Don’t

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The Water Solely Hair Washing Technique – Do or Do not
Up to date on February 2, 2016 Kyndall Smith extra Within the natural hair neighborhood, we’ve been hearing too much about the water washing solely methodology from various Vloggers. This has sparked my curiosity and the curiosity of many of you! I actually decided to offer it a strive for myself. It has been 6 months and I will be more than pleased to share my experience!

So..let’s talk about what this methodology is and the way it may or may not benefit your way of life.
What is the Water Solely Wash Technique
It sounds like the title says it all, but trust me..there’s more to it! Washing the hair with water is only the foundation. To be able to successfully maintain healthy hair with this method, you’ll must do extra than simply rinse your hair with water.

Utilizing only water to cleanse the hair means, that you’re allowing the natural sebum out of your scalp to moisturize and cleanse the hair. The water is used to help wash away dead pores and skin, dust and other debris on the scalp.

Everyday you are suppose to scrub your hair with water to take care of it’s health. Relying on how much sebum you produce, some can go longer with out the need to wash.

It’s All About Sebum
Sebum is the natural oil produced in your scalp. Individuals produce sebum in several quantities. The foods we eat additionally influence the amount of sebum our scalp produces and it’s thickness.

Sebum = Protecting Barrier
Sebum is important because it creates a protective barrier around the pores and skin and hair shaft. This barrier prevents an excessive amount of water from being absorb into the hair and skin; It also prevents an excessive amount of water from being lost.

That’s no mind-er maintenance right there! =)
Sebum can also be important because it helps protect the scalp from fungus and micro organism.

I had no concept that the pure oils from my scalp may do that! It is sensible as a result of our bodies provide us the whole lot we want!

Kind of
The quantity of sebum produced is dependent on totally different components, comparable to: Age, Puberty, Hormones and Gender.

Typically, the older you’re, the less sebum you may produce. Oil manufacturing is at it’s peak throughout puberty. These are things you possibly can consider when contemplating whether or not or not this technique is for you.

I’ve additionally noticed that in winter months my scalp is far dryer than regular.
Be careful!

Too much sebum could cause clogged pores which leads to whiteheads and blackheads. Within the scalp clogged pores can lead to beneath nourished hair follicles which is able to weaken the hair. An excessive amount of build up of it can even cause bacterial and fungal growths.

Simply as much as too much sebum is bad, too little is can cause problems, akin to..brittle, dry hair, resulting in breakage.

Beneath, you will find a strategy to manage a lot sebum, however over time your hair ought to produce just the correct quantity.

Sebum is essential for the water washing method as a result of it:

And Protects!
If you want to do that method efficiently you will need to Grasp your personal sebum!

In the first 3 months of doing this technique, my scalp produced the perfect quantity of sebum. I eat wholesome and washed my hair daily or each other day.

In the 4th month, I observed that my hair held a ton of mud and lifeless skin. Water alone wouldn’t clear this from my hair and scalp.

Using a bore bristle brush help somewhat..(More on this later).
You will go through a sticky interval while you first begin out as a result of your scalp will want to recognize that you’re no longer going to strip it of it’s treasured oils. Chances are you’ll even be putting to many oils on your scalp and it should be taught to begin producing sebum. Either manner, your scalp will adjust to the brand new routine.

Water Water Water!
So in fact with a WATER-only wash technique your going to wish water! But all water is just not created equal. Listed here are among the belongings you need to think about earlier than beginning this regimen.

Hard Water Vs. Gentle Water
The type of water you use on this regimen issues!

Onerous water accommodates high amounts of minerals. These minerals will keep on with your sebum, making it tough to distribute down your hair.

Sebum that stays in one spot will clog pores and get extremely sticky, creating a layer that traps mud, dead skin, and other debris. It should make your hair seem dull and ashy.

You will additionally discover that it feels very tough and sticky. This is what we don’t need as a result of we need to be ready to move the oils evenly throughout our hair.

Soft water is right..
because it’s going to make washing a lot simpler. Each system in this technique will be capable to work correctly.

The sebum will coat the strands easily
and you can detangle your hair and remove dirt.

Exhausting Water: How Frequent is it
Do you have onerous water
See results For these of you uncertain of whether or not you might have exhausting water, beneath is a video that will show you how to check for it.

Arduous Water Take a look at
The Water-Solely Wash Technique Unfolded
So now you’re in all probability wondering, play it straight “What Exactly Would I Do “. I am going to give you the run down.

The tactic takes some upkeep however once you get the cling of it, it actually isn’t complicated.
Earlier than starting the water-only wash methodology:
It is recommended and essential to make clear the hair. You may need to begin off with a fresh slate.

Simply shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo.
As soon as the hair is totally clean, your scalp should start producing sebum. There may be quite a bit at first however finally, your scalp will alter the amount to suit precisely what you need.

Under, I’ll share ways to handle the production of sebum.
The 1st step: Distribute the Sebum
Distributing your pure oils by means of out your hair is necessary as a result of that is what will lubricate and moisturize your hair.

Scritching this calmly scratching the scalp together with your finger ideas. With this step, please be gentle! You don’t want to cause damage to the scalp or hair follicles. Take your finger tips and rub all through the entirety of your scalp in fast circular motions.

Scritching is what will loosen up the dirt and warm the oils for distribution. Do your hair in sections to be sure you don’t miss any spots. Around your hairline, be especially gentle. This space is essentially the most fragile!

Scalp massages are great as a result of they will increase blood movement to the world which will increase hair development.

After scritching, you will need to preen the hair. Take sections and pull the oils out of your scalp all the way in which all the way down to the ends of your hair. In the beginning, it could not seem like you’re doing much, however over time, you will start to really feel the sebum as it coats each strand.

You may develop a more in-depth relationship together with your hair by taking these steps.
Step Two: Brush The Hair

Brushing the hair with a boar bristle brush (BBB) is extraordinarily necessary! Even for those with curly/kinky hair.

Brushing the hair with a boar bristle brush will help to further distribute the sebum and take away dust and dirt that has begun to cling to the hair.

It isn’t for detanging!
You may want to detangle earlier than you being brushing with the BBB. I like to make use of my denman brush first.

This step is necessary because it can prevent the oils from pooling in one spot. As we learned above, this can cause critical problem. Additionally, it will help distribute the oil all the way down to the very ends and ensure you didn’t miss any spots.

As soon as your scalp starts to supply much less oils, you’ll be able to start to brush less typically.
I have extremely curly/kinky hair, and I use this technique because my hair will collect a ton of dust and form knots around it. I have discovered that the BBB take away majority of the dust and dirt particle and it additionally improves the shine of my hair! I never thought I would love boar bristle brushes as a lot as I do now. I would not be ready to do this methodology with out it.

When you’ve got curly hair like me, you’ll be able to nonetheless do this technique. Simply make sure you be actually gentle and and work in small sections. Be certain that you’ve the time you should work by way of your entire head with care.

In the recent winter months, I’ve noticed my scalp getting dryer than usually. Water washing alone hasn’t been able to help me resolve this subject.

Dust would just proceed to collect in my hair and it was very noticeable with styling. I’ve since then adopted a modified water washing technique and it includes the use of conditioner and oil. Very similar to Naptural85’s technique.

Boar Bristle Brushes
100% Pure Boar Bristle Hair Brush Greatest Used for short or Lengthy Hair, Beards- Gentle Bristles-professional Salon High quality- For Women and men- Light Weight. Buy Now Buy Now Denman Brushes
Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 7-Row Buy Now Step Three: Rinse With Water
Before you get into the shower, it’s essential to set the water temperature to a heat setting. You do not need the water to be too scorching as a result of this may cause harm to your hair and your scalp. The water shouldn’t be too cool both as a result of it will forestall dirt from having the ability to rinse away and it will stiffen your oils.

This step play it straight will enable you to rinse away excess oil and dirt.
Whereas you’re in the shower, proceed to therapeutic massage the scalp and run the oils down your hair. If you still need to detangle, this is the right time. After about two weeks, my hair started to really feel tremendous silky to the contact.

The extra oil you produce, the extra you may want to rinse your hair with water. If you don’t produce as much oil, you’ll be able to rinse your hair in the shower much less often.

I can go 2-3 days with out rinsing my hair because I get pleasure from the additional sebum for my 3c/4a kinky/curly natural hair. *I am at the moment experimenting with rinsing daily because my hair collects dust easily.*

In case you have actually thick hair, you may want to section the hair to proceed with the preening and scritching. extensions My hair is medium thickness so I can get away with just 2 sections.

Step Four: Rinse with Chilly Water
As soon as you’re done rinsing your hair, you possibly can rinse with chilly water. This half reminds me of the cool blast on the dryer!

It is vital as a result of it should help your seal your cuticles!
Sealed cuticles means the moisture in your hair is locked in.

The natural pH of our hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. This means that our hair is acidic. One thing that acid does is power our cuticles shut. It additionally helps keep fungus and bacteria away.

Some folks like to finish their hair by doing an apple cider vinegar rinse. This acid helps to keep up the natural pH balance within the hair. Water has a pH of 7 which is neutral, so it would not really disrupt the natural pH. An ACV rinse can even assist in detangling.

Be careful with this because you could dilute ACV with water. In any other case it will likely be means too robust!

On account of my dry scalp in the winter months, I’ve observed that acv rinses and coconut oil deep conditioning has helped with the dry scalp. (Simply an additional benefit I wished to share).

Step 5: Air Dry/Fashion
To keep away from using excess heat, I like to air dry my hair. Air dry is the healthiest option to dry your hair. It takes somewhat longer however it will be sure that your cuticles stay flat subsequently avoiding frizz and harm.

I have pure curly hair, so I will both do a wash and go, twists, or french braids. For particular occasions, I am going to set my hair in curlformers.

Click thumbnail to view full-size If you’d like to provide your ends with extra moisture you can seal your ends with an oil earlier than you air dry.


For the first 3 months of my attempting this methodology, it was amazing! My hair was silky, it behaved in a predictable method, styling was a breezy..

I was really enjoying it.
As said above, time beyond regulation, my hair started to collect mud. My hair appeared dusty and grey in my brushes. It freaked me out.

Straightening my hair was the one means I could eliminate the dirt, and as a woman with curls, I hate putting an excessive amount of heat on my straightening just to brush out dirt was not an choice. I turned to Naptural85’s methodology and it’s helped a ton.

So What Do You Suppose
Do you think the water washing method is worth a shot
Let me know below within the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Ky =)

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