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Wavy Hair,questions For Wavy Hair

I want to recently posted questions “How to get your hair wavy”. Alot of the individuals there stated to make use of rest room paper. How is that suppped to work and how do you do so

120g-200g 10pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #1 Jet BlackI think maybe they meant to use the cardboard that the toilet paper is wrapped around. I am not too positive thought..

Plenty of Luck ~~
hahah wtf ive by no means heard of that.

wtf. how would bathroom paper do something to curl your hair hahahah


I’ve never heard of using toilet paper.
What I do is, when i get out of the shower, I put mousse and hairspray on my wet hair . I scrunch it with my palms. then I blow dry.. then repeat by placing somewhat extra mousse an hairspray. scrunch. and blowdry.. when executed, my hair is wavy and beautiful.

You can also braid your hair before going to sleep after which within the morning take it out, add slightly mousse and hairspray, and you must have nice waves!

ummmmmm i don’t know. good luck with that.
maybe you twist it around your hair tightly

Wth Whoever curls their hair with rest room paper should be loopy.
LoL.thats made up!

i do not know tips on how to do it that method but you can braid your hair into two pigtails earlier than you go to sleep and your hair will probably be completely wavy within the morning.

umm okayyy
i do not suppose rest room paper will do anything to ur hair

First it’s important to wipe your poopy but with it, you then smell it you then wipe it in your’s a very useful process.

possibly u can wrap rest room paper round all of it wavy and spray it w/ hairspray IDK
i d okay… wrap it round your head ! lol

Uhh I have not heard of that, and whatever way individuals have been speaking about, I would not strive it..
That is all that I might discover however I’ve heard of this earlier than as nicely.

Earlier than the times of chemical perms and curling irons, our grandmothers and their friends used the paper curl technique to realize stunning, smooth curls. The tactic is easy and solely requires one predominant merchandise: a brown paper bag. Begin by reducing the brown paper bag into lengthy strips about eight inches long and one and one-half inches vast. Once you have accomplished this process, you’re prepared to start your hair setting. In case you are careful with the strips, they are often recycled and reused.

You will want to consider what kind of type you’re wanting and set your hair appropriately. In order for you tight curls, then you’ll want to roll the hair in smaller quantities utilizing one thing small (like a pencil) to mold the hair round. Make certain the hair is a bit damper than regular before you attempt to roll tight curls to get the perfect outcomes.

For softer, bouncier curls, use extra hair and roll it into greater curls. A superb mold to make use of can be an empty cardboard rest room paper roller. It can be used at its full measurement for longer hair or just slit the cardboard size smart up the center and modify the circumference to perms on color treated hair the specified dimension. When you get the scale you’re on the lookout for, affix a bit of tape to safe it. Ensure that your hair is slightly perms on color treated hair much less damp when rolling a larger curl.

Rolling a paper curl is simple. Comb a bit of hair and flatten the lock. Wrap a strip of brown paper around the center of the lock once or twice and then slide the paper down to the top of the hair section. Ensure to maintain the lock flat whereas doing all of this. You will then need to roll the hair into the curl using your mold up to your scalp. Remove the mold and take the ends of the brown paper strip and twist them together twice. This is lots to hold the curl in place via the evening.