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Director Says Marvel Made Captain America: Civil Struggle Because of Batman V Superman Announcement

Filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo consider Marvel moved ahead with Captain America: Civil Battle due to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s announcement.

Talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Russo mentioned how Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s thoughts evolved on their pitch for the upcoming film, particularly after Warner Bros. introduced they had been making Batman v Superman.

“There have been eleven panther tee shirt or 12 [Marvel Cinematic Universe] motion pictures thus far, all with a fairly conventional structure,” said Russo. “Our pitch to them was: Individuals will inform you they love chocolate ice cream — till you give it to them 5 days a week. It is time to give them some rainbow sherbet.

“Kevin is a maverick, and he’s very delicate to how persons are responding to his content. Aquaman He stated he thought we is likely to be right. And after they announced Batman v Superman, he mentioned, ‘You guys are absolutely right.’ We needed to do one thing challenging with the fabric, or we were going to begin to lose the audience.”

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Captain America: Civil Battle is reportedly trending well with audiences so far. Pre-release tracking factors to a $175 million domestic opening panther tee shirt weekend for the Marvel movie.