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Warner Bros Unveils Grant Gustin’s New Costume For The Flash Season 2

It comes as no surprise that of all superheroes, The Flash is the quickest to old navy purple batman shirt view vary old navy purple batman shirt view his outfit.

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Warner Bros has unveiled the DC crime-fighter’s new costume for season two.

The dramatic promotional still shows Grant Gustin, head bowed, donning the brand new getup.
New look: Warner Bros has unveiled the The Flash’s new costume for season two, complete with white insignia a lot nearer to the original comic

The main change is his iconic chest insignia, which strands out much more on a new white background, replacing the old blended crimson one.

The new insignia is far closer to the unique comicbook model, and fans are delighted.
The setup of the photograph has the solar cresting just over Gustin’s right shoulder, which serves two purposes: One, the flare retains the remainder of the swimsuit in darkness and obscures any other new additional details. Two, where the light does contact it offers the suit a way more vibrant crimson – once more like the original comic model.

Nice footwear: For the reason that shot solely exhibits so far as his thighs, followers will have to attend to see if he has also adapted a pair of blaring yellow boots to change his outdated crimson ones

Barry Allen’s season one swimsuit was a dull purple leather-based in comparison to his comic counterpart’s ostentatious scarlet, and many followers have been clamoring for a brighter – and extra faithful – hue. Whether the new swimsuit is a more vibrant red or it is only a trick of the sunshine remains to be seen.

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