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James Gunn Says Vin Diesel Is not Thanos In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

We’ve been desirous to know who’s going to play Thanos, who has a substantial supporting position in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ and is the overarching massive unhealthy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since his first appearance in the ‘Avengers‘ submit-credit scene. Heck, we even wrote a whole article attempting to determine who’s taking part in Thanos. Cheap 100% Cotton Autumn Superman movie Logo Children’s T-shirt At the time, we theorized that Vin Diesel was secretly cast as Thanos beneath the guise of Groot (“Why would he opt for only a smaller, supporting position with one line in a Marvel film, when official star trek t shirt essay he could possibly be playing the most important villain behind a collection of movies ”) However, now ‘Guardians’ director James Gunn says that’s not true and we’re proper again to square one.

In the course of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ fan Q&A on Fb yesterday, one fan did God’s work and asked Gunn straight up who would be playing Thanos. Right here is what Gunn had to say, emphasis his:

You’ll have to wait and see. But It is not VIN DIESEL. He’s Groot.
We don’t assume Gunn is pulling a J.J. fumetto Abrams/Khan on us, so we’ll take him at his phrase and scratch Diesel off our checklist of potential candidates. However, Marvel president Kevin Feige admitted publicly that Thanos HAS been forged, however that he’s “not sure we wish to official star trek t shirt essay announce it but.”

We’ll revert again to our original listing speculating on the casting and examine the one identify on that checklist that’s left: Benicio Del Toro.

Yes, Del Toro has already been forged because the Collector, but when Gunn and Feige are being this protective over a casting announcement, we must suppose that the casting itself would reveal a significant plot level/twist in ‘Guardians’ – particularly that The Collector is secretly Thanos in hiding. We know Del Toro signed on for a number of Marvel motion pictures and given his ominous “One down…” statement within the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ put up-credits scene, he’s clearly in ‘Guardians’ to gather the Infinity Stones.

Now, it could possibly be that Marvel has just found a extremely cool actor to play Thanos they usually don’t need to provide it away. However, on this official star trek t shirt essay modern era where every part leaks finally, we’d be shocked if even Marvel was in a position to keep a significant actor’s participation of their large superhero film a secret. Which suggests, the actor would have to be someone that’s already on set and wouldn’t come up suspicion.

What do you think Are you disappointed that Vin Diesel is just not enjoying Thanos And, if he’s not, what different main position was Diesel teasing when he said he met with Marvel about “a film that would be launched in Part 3…not for a couple of years”