(Not But) A brand new Beginning The Beat

Thor gotten loads of media consideration lately, ever since Marvel Comics took to the View to announce that the brand new Thor can be a woman. It was a bold transfer to announce this franchise-shifting transfer on a show whose audience is just not necessarily the core viewers for what has change into one of Marvel tentpole characters. However it spoke to a renewed effort to increase Marvel viewers, and passing the hammer of Thor to a brand new character is a part of the character tradition, from Beta Ray Bill to Eric Masterson to, err, Dargo Ktor of the twenty sixth Century.

So here it’s. The brand new series. The new Thor, proper there on each single variant cowl. The media event!

But, alas new readers, lapsed readers, fervent Thor followers if you e right here to see what all the properly-advertised hubbub is about, you l have to come back back in November. Men’s Cotton Star War Boba Fett Short Sleeve T-Shirt The brand new Thor? She not likely in this comedian*.

She does show up, finally. However she doesn work together with any other character, her single line of dialogue is spoken in solitude, and she does little more than pose for a glorified cameo. The next concern teaser promises he Goddess of Thunder in Motion! as does a USAToday article printed this week ( he new female Thor will get into the motion within the second problem of her new comedian guide series . If you happen to pick up this situation asking yourself, I wonder what the new Thor will probably be like?, you e nonetheless going to be questioning when the ebook is over.

So. Now that we e established what the difficulty isn’t, let talk about what it’s. After a teaser introducing a well-known threat, the scene shifts to the Moon the place the Asgardians are reeling from the occasions of Unique Sin, Marvel summertime crossover (written, like this issue, by Jason Aaron). The outdated Thor (hereafter referred to as He-Thor, since going by this problem alone I can tell if he has a secret or alternate id) stays shaken by a mysterious secret imparted by Nick Fury. He-Thor can raise his hammer no person can raise the hammer and Odin (the All-Father) and Freyja (the All-Mother) don seem too clear on which one of them is operating the show.

He-Thor still solutions the call to battle, because regardless of being unworthy of holding the hammer of Thor, he remains to be a really sturdy, really blonde dude. He might have super-energy? He is definitely capable of respiratory on the Moon (and underneath water), however it not clear why. Maybe this is Marvel Blue Area of the Moon? Launched manner back in Lee & Kirby Unbelievable 4 #13, this is an area of the Moon with a breathable atmosphere, and it was dwelling to the Watcher, a serious character in Authentic Sin. I can extrapolate or assume that type of knowledge, because I e been reading Marvel comics for many years. But when this can be a #1 issue (which it is), and if this is a leaping-on point for not solely new Thor readers but new comedian e-book readers (which, given the media push this problem receives, it will be), it looks as if a serious omission from the plot and the setting.

The artwork by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson is, for the most part, crisp, clear, and enjoyable. The Asgardians look just like the fantasy-science heroes they ought to be, and there a Frank Quitely-esqe really feel to their facial expressions. However whereas Quitely is achieved at illustrating sequential action, Dauterman struggle scenes might be complicated. It appears like both a lot, or not sufficient, info is conveyed between the panels. Then again, the scenes of lengthy dialogue and exposition are never boring, and significantly I love Dauterman faces. That a priceless present! Wilson colours go from poppy and bright to crisply darkish, without getting muddy.

It will likely be fun to see Dauterman and Wilson illustrate the brand new Thor. Jason Aaron has been writing Thor adventures since 2012, and despite a new artwork workforce, that is the outdated Thor final problem greater than it’s the new Thor first one. I can say if that a scripting issue or an editorial one, but Thor #1 has been marketed and advertised as the beginning of a new character and a new period. But to this point, it the story of the identical ol Thunder God.

It not a nasty comic in its own proper. The dialogue, even the Asgardian doth-speak, is clear and fun. Godly rivalries are launched and villainous plots are hatched. The illustration and the colors pop. But regardless of countless PR assurances that this is no She-Thor, that is Thor new readers will probably be compelled to ask the query, Why wasn she within the guide?

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